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  1. Has anyone else noticed the speed of increase dramatically in the past couple of days, especially yesterday and today? For a while there,, and in particular, my blog dashboard, were going *extremely* slowly. Now they're flying, with my Dashboard pages loading almost instantly.

    Anyone else notice this? If it's something you chaps did, kudos!

  2. It is faster yes in death but still not everything is fast.
    Like some pages load very slowly, but maybe is it me Internet connection :S

  3. There's already a pair of threads on the subject.

  4. Care to point the way, drmike? I did a few searches and I'm not seeing them.

  5. @vielegadan
    I expect drmike has gone offline - have you read the pink sticky at the head of the forum?
    There seem to be people saying many things. I have noticed myself quicker response time but setting that aside I have noticed some other delays when it comes to posting to my blog, as well as, delayed comments and delayed archive entries.


    Granted both of those threads were started a while ago but folks have continued to drop comments into them recently.

  7. Load balancing is a continuous challenge for any growing service. Luckily we have Barry, Matt and others continuing to tune and deploy servers.

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