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  1. Hello - I was wondering if there is any one place where all the news is being shared. I found the site but I did not see all the new features, such as the infinity scroll, being introduced there... As I am new to the community, I would love to know where to go for all the latest info!

    ps. I was not sure if this was a q for Support or Questions within the Forums, so hope this is post ok!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You located the official blog and you can subscribe to it. That's the only official news source. There has been not been a post published re: infinte scrolling as yet. Normally posts are published on a weekly basis usuaully on Fridays, though that may vary from time to time.

  3. Thanks for clarifying that, timethief - and Happy Valentine's!

  4. You're welcome and the same to you. :)

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