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  1. Yes, now lets you put adsense in your blog. However, there is a requirement your blog needs to meet. If it does, then you can put adsense in blog under certain condition.

    See my post for more:

    [You can reach my personal blog by clicking on my name above.]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why do we need to reach you? This isn't really "news"new. VIP hosted blogs can run Adsense. Big deal. How many of us get 50 thousands pageviews per month and can qualify for and afford to pay for VIP hosting?

  3. 3. We are testing a feature called Ad Control that lets bloggers with a lot of traffic and appropriate content turn on AdSense for their blog and split the resulting revenues 50/50 with us. If you’d like to apply to try Ad Control and you get over 50k page views per month, please visit and fill out the form

  4. Reach: This actually depends on you. If the topic further interests you, you will surely go to read more. And this is new, because the support page of advertising has been updated recently. I go through support pages after a certain period of time, and recently I found the ad control feature added at the end.

    Plus, I think you need to concentrate on what you're saying. VIP hosted blogs and 50k pageviews blogs are totally different things. You don't get 50k impression a month doesn't mean nobody does. There are lots of hugely popular blogs which get over fifty thousands impressions a week. So, this feature is surely great for them.

    On the other hand, VIP hosting is a paid upgrade what you need to pay for. For Ad Control, you don't have to pay any money. So why do you say about afford? If you can't afford VIP hosting, then you won't buy VIP hosting. But if you have a blog having over 50k pageviews per month, then you can put adsense and earn half of the total revenue.

    Before writing, I get all the necessary researches done, so that nobody has to raise question on why I write.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Yay, I saw this and applied for Ad Control! And... wordpress approved it!

    Now, i just gotta figure out how to get a Google ad sense account so I can start earning my pennies *g* ...

  6. I can help with that. Click this

  7. @timethief - thanks for the link, but Google rejected my application to get an AdSense account, apparently, my content is not up to par for adsense, don't know why... (sad face)

  8. That's too bad. If most of your content is not your own original writing and photos this can happen. I know others who relied to much on entertainment stories they got from the media and images that were likewise available from many online locations. Their blogs also failed to qualify.

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