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  1. enloucrescendo

    I'm using Microsoft Word 2007 and trying to post through it.
    There's an option to do it. But when I try to configure my account, an error occours, because it asks to put something on "http://<put the url for you host blog here>/xmlrpc.php"

    is there any possibility to use an blog or just

  2. You should be able to use it on, just do exactly what it says. The xmlrpc.php is what the application will "call" when it's making the post. is the correct link for the file on your blog.

    What's the error message you get?

    To be honest though, users of previous versions of MS Word report really strange text formatting when copying and pasting into blogs. Whether MS has done something about this with the "blogging facility" in 2007 or not I don't know.

    Please can you let us know how you get on?


  3. Didn't realise you could post through Word. A word processor is different from a text adds formatting stuff of it's own, which cause the code not to work. If you're looking for an easy poster, try Blogdesk or the ScribeFire or extensions for Firefox.

  4. Indeed you can, but only the 2007 version. Which is what makes me wonder if Word '07 strips the dodgy formatting before sending it to the blogging app. Only one way to find out. Unfortunately I don't have 2007. :(

  5. actually, the formatting from word 2k7 is pretty decent.
    <span style="">

    i dunno how much of that wordpress is doing, but it's cool.

  6. enloucrescendo

    Yeeees, i've done it.
    Thanks Cornell, guys.

    There was no more error. I've done just as you said, and it was right.
    I'll try do more format tests, and i'll tell you in case of any problems.

    tks again.

  7. Sweet. Glad you got it sorted.

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