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  1. Hmm so I got curious and deicded to check out what wikipedia had to say about wordpress..

    The page wasn't too bad (could be better though --> check out the livejournal article) but then i checked out

    Seems a bit poor don't you think?

    Any experienced wiki editors out here that know how to edit and write decently on wikipedia and add something to the wordpress article? Something more attractive maybe?

  2. Of course it's poor. They didn't even mention me and my goofball comments in the OT forum. What's a WP reference without my nonsensical volunteer madness? : )

  3. it could use a tune up. i don't do wiki edits though; hopefully wp will pick up on this thread.

  4. I have a wikipedia editing id, but I'm too lazy.

  5. Although if I DID write it, it would be much more lively, don't you think?

  6. Haha they will probably complain about it being biased if you were to extend it up raincoaster.... though I am sure you respect and honor neutrality of encyclopediac topics ;)

  7. rain when you put your blog on there, put in a good word for me would ya? ;)

  8. I would NEVER put up my own Wikipedia entry. Too easily traced. But I did put up a Wikipedia entry for a friend, who now owes me...hmmmm.

  9. Yeah I have heard stuff about they used some "wikiscanner" program (which is just a modified WHOIS I think?) where they are able to find a lot about you. They showed how the vatican/fbi/cia and other groups (microsoft I think as well?) modified their pages of interest to make them more appealing and stuff..

  10. There's a whole website devoted to tracing who edits what on wikipedia. It has caused government officials much consternation when it shows they're using taxpayer money to get their staff to engage in editing wars.

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