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  1. hi there,

    i'd very much like to have a plugin to post my newest articles to automatically, similar to the twitter-plugin.
    is there any chance to get one?

    regards, vera

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read these support documentation entries and find the answer to your question. >

  3. Can you post a link to your RSS feed at the site you name? If so then that would work. This is the link to your posts (entries) RSS feed

  4. so if i get this right there is no plugin for
    i don't have the slightest idea how to post TO my RSS-feed, sorry (after 5 months still a newbie... i'm going to look for it in the help section.

    thank you so far,

  5. No: there are no plugins for Plugins are only for blogs, which yours is not.

  6. If my blog further develops as by now I got some good chances in no more needing it by the middle of next year, being an .org-user at that time :)
    Anyway - many thanks, this has been very helpful to me ,)

    Short remark to Why not just think it over...

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