WordPress.com Plugins – What’s what?

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    Getting ready to set up WordPress on my own and wondering what kind of plugins I’ve been using here without knowing it. The YouTube Plugin? Editing Plugins? Is there a comprehensive list of what’s used at WordPress.com so I can use what’s been useful here for my new blog?


    unfortunately a lot of what on wordpress.com is loosely based on a plugin, but not actually a plugin. here’s a list of ‘kinda similar’ plugins:

    http://www.akismet.com (spam)
    http://www.skarcha.com/wp-plugins/wpvideo/ (for posting youtube, google video, etc)
    http://alexking.org/blog/2006/11/05/popularity-contest-121 (like top posts, kinda)
    http://donncha.wordpress.com/flickr-widget/ (the flickr widget)



    As for the editing plugin, the Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE) is already in the application as standard although most peopl turn it off.

    You might also find wp-shortstat useful for statistics, or you could sing up for Google Analytics which is fantastic when it’s working.

    More than the plugins, I would worry about getting the software set up and then locating a theme you like.

    Things like YouTube videos you can just cut and paste the “share” code that they give and insert it. The wordpress.org version isn’t restricted like the .com is.

    Good luck!


    the youtube ‘share’ code only works if you’ve disabled the rich text editor (same is true of all flash <embed> tags).



    Don’t forget the automattic widget plugin. :)

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