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  1. Right, I think I already know the answer but want to put it down in words to see that my thinking is correct.

    I co-host a new podcast by the name of Lethal Watching. It is posted on

    My process is this; the post goes up including a download link to the file. This is then picked up by my Feed Burner account which then sends it on to iTunes.

    The feed burner feed is based on the category, so

    If you click on that category on the blog you get a shortened list of all the posts, with about 3/4 of the post text and a Continue Reading link that, I guess, is dropped in automatically.

    My problem is that it's the category view that iTunes uses to pull in the description of the podcast episode. So I get about 3/4 of the text and then it says Continue Reading. The overall description for the blog is fine as I can set that in Feed Burner but I can't override the descriptions for each episode, as far as I can see.

    As I'm using a account I am pretty sure that I can't edit the template that is being used to create the category page and I'm stuck with the descriptions being messed up a little in iTunes but I wanted to see if anyone else would agree with me!

    Thanks everyone in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Some themes display full posts in the Category pages and some display only excerpts or even only titles. You'll have to switch around to find them, I think. Or it's possible they've been reviewed and put up on

  3. This is a live link and it's useful because we can click it and see your blog. :)

    The behavior you describe of Category pages only displaying beginning of posts is coded into the template of the theme ie. Twenty Ten. In fact this behavior is common to most themes so if you do not want it you will have to switch to another theme. See here

  4. ~~ waving to raincoaster

  5. As usual, your answer is more complete! But I'm heading offline soon, so it's all yours now.

  6. It's the long weekend so I won't be here long either. :)

  7. Thanks fellas, I thought it might be that but wanted someone else to agree with me!

  8. raincoaster and I are women - not "fellas" but thanks for the thanks. :)

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