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  1. Thanks for the report!

    right now maybe Zemanta ( & extension) could be part of the problem

    Just to clarify - were you using this combination before, though, back when the problem first started? Or did you just install the Firefox extension recently? If so, then we'd probably need to rule out the Zemanta extension as the culprit. Thank you for continuing to test!

  2. No, I decided to install the Zemanta extension in Firefox since I have it disabled on while I/we troubleshoot the problem & since I am using Internet Explorer to make posts during this troubleshooting period to see if this happens in Internet Explorer when Zemanta is disabled & without extensions.

    The reason that I am mentioning the Zemanta extension too is because so far this problem happens sometimes when either of those two are enabled it seems, but I am not sure if this has ever happened with Zemanta disabled or not yet; since I have done so many tests that I forgot, but I know this has not happened in the last two days when not using Zemanta in any form.

    I will continue testing.

  3. Thanks for the update!

  4. You are welcome, and thank you for continuing to help with this, as I continue to try to troubleshoot this problem. :)

  5. I am still slowly troubleshooting this, to avoid fatigue I am just using my regular posts (almost one post a day) in Internet Explorer using the Zemanta extenison at this time, but so far it still has not happened in Internet Explorer yet; but yesterday and/or another day or two it happened in Firefox with the Zemanta extension again but it happens a lot less than it used to, so it is very rare now (less than 10%) of the time.

  6. Good to know. If you turn off the Zemanta extension in Firefox, it might be interesting to see if it ever happens again.

  7. Yep, I had the same idea, I plan on starting to try that again today until it happens again or not. ;)

  8. Well, so far I still have not had this glitch happen in Internet Explorer with or without Zemanta ( or extension), only in Firefox sometimes with Zemanta ( and/or extension).

    Since this seems to only happen to me sometimes and no one else seems to be able to reproduce this issue, I do not see what else I can do, thank you for following this issue Kathrynwp. :)

    -John Jr

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