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    Hey there, I checked last night to see others asking about this problem so I’m glad I’m not alone with it. While one person resolved the issue by reloading Chrome, I don’t use that and this problem did not go away after going to bed and shutting the pc down completely, so a quick restart of Internet Explorer won’t do the trick.

    I have a list of some 60 blogs I’ve been following and last night only two of them would show up at all, both a .com and they have no initial connection to wordpress (I had to type in their sites manually on the subscriber page). Today I can see two more, again both .coms and not .wordpress’es.

    I can see posts going back over a week or so, and last night with only two sites popping up I could see as far back as three weeks before the “we can’t show you anymore!” or something similar popped up at the bottom of the pile. I *know* of the 50+ other blogs I follow that they update more often than once every month so it’s gotta be something to do with the site and not their end.

    In summary, I cannot see any blogs that I am following that post via wordpress. I’ve been busy this week so the earliest I noticed it was last afternoon, but I have not changed anything to have caused this. (Didn’t tinker with the layout or my settings or anything, I just made a few posts as usual and poof. Can’t see what my buds are up to. Shenanigans, I says! XD)

    I know it has been reported by others and the people in charge are aware, but they mentioned *all* of their sites didn’t show up while I do have some outside of wordpress that appear. And that I have this issue as well, of course ^_^



    Staff are aware of this issue. In some cases all subscriptions have disappeared and in others only non WordPress.com sites have disappeared. Do note that everything here at WordPress.com is backed up and Staff are working to resolve this issue.


    Oh aye, and I thank ya for the quick response. The odd thing was like you said, some say all are gone and others say only *non* wordpress sites are gone. I have the reverse. Perhaps those who lost all subs didn’t have any non-wordpress sites subbed? I don’t know, but thought this might potentially be helpful information for them to fix it. (And since two more sites popped up since last night I can see they are making progress ^_^)

    I’m not worried, just saying I still have the issue (in case they thought it was solved) and that I can currently only see non-wordpress blogs, which I didn’t notice anyone else say yet. Thanks again for the reassurance! I’ll stay patient ^_^


    Please forgive me for adding to the comment traffic here – I just wanted to make staff aware that I am experiencing the same problem.

    All of my subscriptions have vanished and I am now following through on the advice given by staff in previous comments, to no avail.

    I am aware (from reading here just now) that the difficulty is being looked into, thank you for that.




    @encrazedcrafts & wordsweneversaid
    Please report your issue and all details to Staff. Here’s the link http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.


    Ooo, my bad. New to this whole dealy ^_^ The only other time I had an issue others reported it as well and the staff was aware and it fixed itself. I’m glad to say today it seems to be fully operational, but I thank you for explaining how to address any problems in the future, Timetheif! Hope I didn’t ‘steal’ too much time away from ya during this :P

    Gonna mark this as “resolved” as everything seems to be in order. Many thanks!


    It appears that this issue is now resolved on my end – thank you.




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