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    Lately when I try to use search on the reader page my results consist of a list of blogs instead of posts, this is less than useful, does anyone else have this problem?

    The blog I need help with is deadspidereye.wordpress.com.



    Hmm when I search the reader I get a larger column labeled Posts and a smaller column labeled Sites which link to their respective content types. Are you searching elsewhere or getting different results?

    Here is a screenshot of the output I see:


    I get a similar page, two columns ‘Posts’ and ‘sites’ the problem being that the column labelled ‘Posts’ is exclusively populated with links that generate site listings in the reader.



    I believe I can see the view you’re describing also. Depending on which link you select from the Posts section it will populate differently.

    For example if I choose the following then the results are different:
    Dog Training! – loads the post within the reader
    A Dog’s Life? (Stories of me and him) – loads a list of posts from this blog
    Visit (with the pop-out icon) – loads this post on the blog’s site

    Could it be that you’re selecting one of these links and expecting the output that comes from selecting another one of these links?

    Let me know if this helps.


    Hi, my results are formatted slightly differently to yours here’s a snap: https://deadspidereye.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/dog_training.jpg. So the only option I’m presented with is the site listing.

    This wasn’t happening until a short while ago, before that my searches where fine.

    Anyway thanks for interest in the topic



    Thank you for the screenshot, it was very helpful. I attempted the same search and Internet Explorer and it populated exactly the same as in yours. I always use Firefox and it populates differently such as in my screenshot.

    I went ahead and tested the search with Edge and Chrome browsers as well and they all show up “correctly” such as in my screenshot.

    Unfortunately Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer versions 10 and older are end-of-life:
    While they are still supporting 11 (and that is the version I have installed) I am starting to see more and more compatibility issues with it across the web.

    I would recommend you pick your favorite browser between FireFox, Chrome, or Microsoft’s Edge (only for Windows 10 or newer I believe) to ensure compatibility.


    Thanks Xpurichan, you cleared that query up nicely and your help is very much appreciated in this regard.

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