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  1. When I tried to link my blog in facebook chat earlier today, I got a spam warning saying was spamblocked. I don't know whether that's still the case, but now I am terrified to link my blog on facebook ever again. Facebook uses automated systems to suspend accounts and it takes a week for a live facebook person to read a suspension appeal. I don't want to be without my facebook account for a week.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Then just do what I do and post your links manually. Autoposted links are seriously downgraded by FB and hardly ever appear in your subscribers' news feeds anyway.

  3. Whoa, good to know. I've been posting on FB and haven't had my hand slapped yet. I'll link manually too.

  4. They don't ever tell you. They're more passive-aggressive than that.

  5. Not surprised. Facebook is rotten to the core. Not a fan, must confess. I'm all about twitter. you link to your blog often on fb? I am struggling to find the balance between promoting it and spamming the hell out of everyone I know.

  6. I spam the living fuck out of everyone I know or don't, but I do it manually. Copy paste to FB, Twitter, forums, you name it. I didn't get to 4 million hits by keeping it to myself...or relying on the same Autopost as every spammer in India.

  7. You rock, raincoaster. I swear to God, one of these days I'm going to buy all of your courses. Gospel, I take it as gospel. (I mean that in a non-creepy or stalker-y way, of course.)

  8. Thanks, I'm not teaching at the moment, but I Am about to ask for Glen Greenwald's old job at Salon, so you could pimp me out there.

  9. What!? Jealous (but congrats!).

    I'll pimp, straight away...

  10. hippiemommyblog

    hmmm that's why my latest post was not published by Facebook as usual.

  11. No, to YOU it publishes normally. To other people, however, it doesn't publish at all.

  12. Oh rain, and no admonition for being shouty? You're slipping my girl. ;-)

  13. I WILL GET TO IT DO NOT WORRY. ps was ages ago.

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