WordPress.com stats – Are homepage visits logged?

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    Hi All-

    I’ve just set up wordpress.com stats over at http://www.daverea.com/ and I see visits being logged for various individual posts and pages. I’m wondering, though, if visits to the blog’s root (as defined in General Settings -> Blog Address) are also logged? Only a few of my posts are long enough to require <!–more–> tags, most are readable in full right from the home page.

    If the default behavior of the plugin is to only log explicit post/page visits, is there a way to enable logging of visits to the homepage?

    I checked and my theme’s footer contains: <?php do_action('wp_footer'); ?> instead of <?php wp_footer(): ?> … is this a problem?



    Hi and happy new year. But you’re in the wrong forum: this is wp.COM.


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