Need help? Check out our Support site, then stats not working?

  1. Hi. My blog is here:

    I've recently realised that my stats are not working correctly. In short, the stats plugin is inserting the wrong code into each page. I have a full description of the problem, with evidence, here:

    Can anyone help or suggest a fix?


    John B.

  2. Yeah! Slip some Statcounter code into the footer.

  3. Hi, my stats aren't working either. Is there a problem at wordpress?

  4. p.s. actually my views are being shown, and referrers, it appears the graph isn't working. do you think i should contact support directly on this? (sorry about the double posting earlier.)

  5. Hi my graph isn't working too!

  6. mine don't seem to be working either, especially the graph.. it's stuck on 5th feb

  7. My graph is not working either, I know there have been visitors but the last two days seems to be stagnant. I have another blog site and the graph on that one is working fine.

  8. Mine is counting hits and referrals, but all are attributed to the same link on my site, which unfortunately is NOT the one that is brining people to the site. I had a link on Digg (not too many hits - 50-100) but all of the referrals are to ONE POST. links out seem to be working and stats ARE updating, but just wrong.

    Can I change a PHP file somewhere to fix this?


  9. NONE of my stats are showing and I've activated the plugin. Anyone know what's happening?

  10. Me again....I've went back and made sure I activated the plugin and I did and I know I'm getting hits and comments on my blog and my stats are ALL showing 0 or NONE. Everything is a 0. What is the deal with the WordPress Stats? Does anyone know? Anyone know of another plugin that might ACTUALLY WORK. What is WordPress doing about this? I need some STATS asap. Very frustrated.

  11. Please contact support via: since this is not an issue hat can be solved by forum users.

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