Need help? Check out our Support site, then stats suddenly not working

  1. Dead stats are not cool. But thanks for having this forum so we know we're not suddenly losers!

  2. Agree with polfro...

    I was having a blog-induced depression funk


  3. Phew.

  4. hopefully the stats are being recorded in the background and not being displayed. I ran a campaign this morning and I want to measure it's success or failure so the stats are really important.

  5. @sterlingxag - no data has been lost, please don't worry.

  6. Yay! Just clocked up 2 hits! Way more coming hopefully.

  7. My stats are now working again...Phew!!

  8. mine are still not working:

  9. Yeah, my stats are now working again. Thanks for your great job hanni ^____^.

  10. It's working again on my selfhosted WP-blog:

    Thanks Hanni!

  11. Hey guys - thanks so much for your patience. As I've put in the notice, stats are now working and up counting again. It may take an hour or so for everything to catch up though.

  12. My statistics are still frozen at

  13. Oh I just noticed Hanni's message. Please ignore my note.

  14. :( well I hope the daily, weekly, monthly and busiest day get fixed too, it appears that all of those were mixed up or messed up and it might have been before the current stat issue.

  15. @kyoungpsyd I've just confirmed that your stats are indeed working again :)

  16. I have I have everyones stats LOL.

    Mine is currently at 462 and it goes up by about 5 every time I refresh the page. I usually only have on average 70 hits a day.

  17. Thanks Hanni.

    p.s. does anybody else use a 2nd stat tool within WP (hosted by WP) ? If so, can you share that with me please, I'd like to put another stat tool in place.


  18. notayesmanseconomics

    Thank you for the repair job as my stats have recovered a fair bit and now seem to be working. However I am still a fair bit down on yesterday. Am I the only one like this?

  19. @sterlingxag, I also use "site meter" which works well on wordpress.COM blogs, it gives a thorough report, plus they email you a traffic report weekly.

  20. @sterlingxag I'm using statcounter as this one doesn't demand you have a visible traffic counter on your blog. It also gives you pretty detailed reports.

    Also, @danielakawmd. I seem to have gotten the ones that haven't found their way to you. Highest stats ever for me as well, though not as dramatically high.

  21. theartofdoingstuff

    My stats are still showing as wayyyyy lower than they're showing on Adsense. (which is normally LOWER than the sitestats count)

    I know the glitch is fixed and am wondering if I'll ever get the correct count for today. Is this something that is just going to take a bit of time to remedy itself?

  22. notayesmanseconomics

    Hi theartofdoing stuff

    Thanks for that reply as it is kind of reassuring from my perspective. In a way it is my own fault for relying on wordpress and its systems but I have much lower numbers today and am thinking that it is a bit of a coincidence to say the least.....

  23. Though the staff has worked diligently to rectify things I think we all lost hits/views today. I hope it gets back to some semblance of normalcy.

  24. @joer223
    To be clear we lost nothing. No data was lost and in time the stats will appear in the display on our dashboards

    Granted that stats are one metric that can be used to determine blog success, progress or failure, but stats alone are not what we rely upon to determine whether or not we have a successful blog. Moreover, as we do not don't blog for bucks and have blogs equipped with pay per click at - stats are just bragging rights - nothing more nothing less.

  25. @timethief, thank you for your insight, it is well taken.

  26. Waaahhhhh .... my stats graph doesn't show. What to do, what to do?

  27. @fbadventures your stats graph is working fine. Try clearing your browser cache.

  28. Mine are not working since the start of this month.

  29. Any more insight on this situation? My stats have been zero for three days. I know this is not the case.
    Is Google working on it or who?

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