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  1. Since I'm busy during the week, I didn't know until now that panos and airodyssey are no longer providing volunteer support here on these forums. :( But they need to consider which direction to go....meanwhile they 've acquired some great skills.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And tsp has pulled Waaaaaaay back and I think only offers help when he's really bored and has had his second Merlot.

    The way infinite scroll was implemented pissed a lot of people off, and there used to be a forum where staff and volunteers could chat and work together. That's been closed.

    Now staff aren't offering help to most bloggers, just those with paid upgrades "till we're caught up". This is going to be never, in my opinion. So what it means is that volunteers are not in the loop and are still expected to offer support; in fact, MORE support than before, even though we don't know what's going on any more than anyone else.

    It's not so much the informational constraints as the contempt and being taken for granted and used that has caused people to walk away.

  3. I think only offers help when he's really bored and has had his second Merlot.

    Like playing table hockey or something. I'm sorry that staff and volunteers are not able to chat up.

    At times it actually feels like me, is run by someone who has not fully matured yet...sure he might be rich/well-off and well-known, but that doesn't mean understanding long-term company and product development strategies. And that includes long-time volunteers on the support forums.

  4. And that includes long-time volunteers on the support forums.

    to finish the part of the long term product development strategy too.

  5. I would like to add that I did make a suggestion on the Triton theme and a staffer did directly acknowledge my suggestion by private email, which was great of them. I appreciated that.

  6. The staffers are great. It's the management that's the problem.

    I like Matt, and he is one of the smartest people I've ever met, but he is not a great manager. And he doesn't as far as I can see have a great manager working at the company. It's a very flat structure but the problem is that customer service at is not a priority. It doesn't need to be Job Number One, but with just a little more strategy and planning they could have avoided pissing off so many people. I mean, just today two more people came complaining to the forum that all their posts were on their front page and what's going on?

    It wouldn't take much effort to change this from 25 million passive recipients of a service and 200 really pissed off ones to 25million, 200 evangelists for a service. It just takes a little forethought and consideration.

    And when I am recommending more consideration, you know the bar has been set low.

  7. Airrodyssey is busy in french forum and panos change its username to justpi. The presence of auxclass and TSP is shrinked only. Don't worry dudes I'm here yet :)

  8. In my opinion, if anyone is interested...
    More "Staff" are needed here in the forums and I'm sure if "The Management" would give a few bob to the wonderful volunteers here for their expertise, they might just take it and stay to help... It seems only logical to me... :)

  9. The volunteers might be listened to then, by " the management" who probably have no concept of what they're are doing, when they do it...

  10. discontent in the ranks makes no sense to me, unless you want out, money made, off you pop... I think all long standing volunteers should boycott the forums as Panos has, leave it in their hands...

  11. Don't worry dudes I'm here yet :)

    Well thank the universe for that.

  12. Actually... I hope they're not literally shrinking...

  13. Perhaps that's why they're not around, Oompa Loompa's aren't great at climbing on chairs.

  14. Heck, I had to look that up! :)

  15. Oompa Loompa dipity doo we've got another riddle for you.......or summat like that. Lol.

    Willy Wonka.

  16. As soon as I saw this thread I decided to stop posting to this forum.

  17. What? Why, TT? I hope you're not upset by the joking - it's April Fool's day today (or was!) and some of us are Brits...

    But if it's cos of what's happening on WordPress... can't say I blame you.

  18. I didn't mean to cause anything at all. It was just an observation of something I learned by poking around in panos' blog (different name) and figured it out.

  19. She's just upset by everything that's gone down. She needs some space from it.

  20. Oh my word! Well I hope she doesn't stay away too long. She's far to valuable around here to leave permanently. She'd be missed.

  21. She takes a break from the Off-Topic forum now and then, that's all.

  22. This is not meant to be a 1960's protest....for change but imagine if all the support volunteers decided not to be around for 48 hrs. --with warning to everyone here with a big sticky on every forum page.

  23. May Day is when Anonymous has called for a General Strike. I'm just sayin'.

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