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    What does it take for crap like this to be removed???

  2. this blogger is also exposing the IP addresses of anyone who posts a comment.
    recommend no one visit this blogger.

  3. If you have a complaint, you need to contact staff. There is a Report Abuse button at the top right hand corner of the blog page. These forums are staffed by volunteers who can't do anything in this situation.

  4. Whatever rosclarke - We got tired of contacting support and not getting a response. We're just going to get louder until something is done.

  5. Gosh what a clever idea. Post a live link to the forum so everyone hits on it and gives that blogger exactly what he or she wants - controversy and increased stats.
    {shaking her head}

  6. lettershometoyou

    Ignorance hasn't stopped this guy from blogging, but that's no reason to read the crap he writes.
    I don't agree with the guy either, but if you say he can't blog, where do you draw the line? Who's to say which blog should be taken down? Let him post and let the public decide.


    Point 5: Responsibility of Website Visitors.

  8. Point 2:Responsibility of Contributors

    But thanks for playing

  9. @Mark
    Cross-reference to the defamatory attack made in this thread when all I did was post the same thing you posted to this thread.

  10. I haven't clicked on that link, nor will I, but I think racism, bigotry --whatever-- is, like beauty, in the eye of beholder.

    I am reminded of Justice Potter Stewart's comment in a landmark case about pornography: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it."

    But ultimately, it comes down to the US Constitution and its First Amendment protection of free speech:


  11. [soapbox]
    The right to free speech does not protect those who commit libel (defamation of character). Both the common law and legislation protect every person from harm to their reputation arising from false and derogatory remarks being made about their person (defamation). And, both slander (verbal form) and libel (printed form) are included in the legal definition of defamation.

    While it’s true that we are all entitled to make ‘fair comment on any issue of public interest', the legal rule of thumb is: ‘fair comment’ must reflect an honestly held opinion based upon proven fact and must not be motivated by malice'. Accordingly, any author may only go as far as to presume and publish motives on the part of a person whose actions he or she is criticizing, provided that the motives presumed are based on proven fact and are reasonable, given the circumstances and, that the issue is an issue of public interest.

    When I simply posted the same thing Mark posted here
    into the duplicate thread the same blogger posted in the off-topic forum here the blogger leaped to the conclusion that I had something to do with the webiste he or she posted the link for and defamed me here by calling me a racist troll (BTW I'm a mixed race person)
    Thereafter, he or she really lost control and spammed my blog.


  12. @timethief - your blog was spammed? How pathetic. I'm sorry to hear that.

    That said, you seem to be directing at least some of your comments to me, when my thoughts and comments were in response to the OP.

    As for defamation, NY Times vs. Sullivan still holds in my country. Some call it, in shorthand, "actual malice."

  13. @ellaella
    No part of my remarks were directed at you. I'm a paralegal and as my husband and I do business in both Canada and the USA I'm aware of the case you cite.

  14. Good to know. Thank you.

  15. I guess I wrote so much there it took away from the point I was making. Mark made his ruling. The blogger did not like the ruling Mark made and chose to personally attack me.

  16. If someone is exposing IPs, that may be against privacy regulations in the US. I recommend that anyone whose IP has been exposed (against the specific notice WordPress posts!) do some research on it.

    As for heinously offensive speech, I'm in favour of allowing it and thinking less of the person who says such things, rather than smothering it.

    Libel and slander are not CRIMES, but they may be actionable; ie you may be in a position to be sued. If a hate crime has been committed, including something legally-defined as Hate Speech, then that is a matter for law enforcement.

  17. It appears someone just decided if you can't beat them - join them. Thanks wordpress!

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