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    I’m aware there are a number of similar threads, subtle difference: those pertain to moving entries between wordpress.com blogs.

    I’ve decided to host my own wordpress installation so that I can mess with the theme, write plugins, etc.

    And I’d like to take my minutae with me. It just seems weird that you have explicit import tools for other blogs: It almost seems that best results would come from my manually importing my last 20-30 blog entries back into blogger.com and then importing from there again.

    Is there something I am missing or is there an easy way to import my blog from wp.com to mywp.org ?



    Been discussed *MANY* times already in other threads as well. Easy answer is to do an RSS export and then import it back in as an RSS feed at your new site. Just make sure you set the RSS count high enough to have it kick out all of the posts.

    Good luck,

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