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  1. If I were to purchase the upgrade to - do I still need to find and pay for a host? I was under the impression that I would need to find a server to host the website.

  2. Going from to is a move, not an upgrade of the service. See:

    If, by upgrade, you mean simply changing your url while remaining at the free service, that's domain mapping and is quite inexpensive:

  3. If you buy the domain upgrade through, then you will have your own domain name, but your blog will still reside here on and you will still have all the same restrictions and such.

    If you get your own domain name and a web host, and then use the software from, you will have virtually no restrictions. The downside is that you will be responsible for all upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance. Here at all of that is taken care of for you.

    The other thing is that you will lose google and technorati juice and page rank when you make the move, and it will take about six months to get it back. You can keep your blog here with a "final post" to redirect your visitors to your new blog, which will help.

  4. i want a place i can hve a tracker to show who comes, to the site. I want a plusher lok a shout box.

  5. Here at, we have meebo which is similar to shout box, but if you want to track the identities of people who come to your site, then you will need to get your own domain name, a web host and install the software from . You can here at install an html version of sitemeter, which will give you some information on who visits your site, but because we cannot use the javascript version, what you will get is limited.

    From a search of the FAQ's:

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