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  1. Ok so I have my blog all set up but when I go to import my blog to it it's not importing everything it will import like 14 posts when I have like 90+ something.

    How can I import all my posts,comments and categories to my new wordpress.

    If there's a plug in let me know cause I will check it out.

  2. If you do a search for " to" you'll find many threads on the topic with instructions.

  3. I also am having problems transferring files from .com to .org. It looks like the export worked. I can see the xml file in my .org uploads page. But what do I do with it from there? How do I get those files into a posted format?

    Uploading from Write only posted the link into my content.

  4. You should have an Import function in your self-hosted wordpress blog.
    For a how-to please see:

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