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    hello, i realized i need wordpress.org, going to host with dreamhost.

    need a transfer authorization code to move domain name i just bought from wp.com? where can i get that?

    if i can’t transfer can i cancel the purchase?

    also, this switch must have been made thousands of times but i can’t find any how-to page. can anyone point me to one?

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is allieandgraysonforever.com.



    You don’t need to cancel the purchase of the domain. Cancelling it means you no longer own it, the registrar does and can choose whether or not to offer it for purchase again and it can take 90 days for that to happen. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t purchase it.

    If you’ve registered your domain through WordPress.com and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.



    Here are the steps required for a do it yourself move > Setting up a self-hosted WordPress.org install
    If you wish you can purchased a guided transfer and have Staff do it for you.


    i definitely don’t need a guided transfer as there is no content on the original blog.

    i am getting conflicting information from worpress.com on the one hand and dreamhost on the other.

    could you answer this simple question so that i can proceed:

    having purchased (3 hours ago) a domain from wordpress.com for a blog there, do i have to change DNS settings to operate the blog as a wordpress.org blog hosted by dreamhost?


    (maybe i am in over my head, but if wordpress.com would just create a simple RSVP widget this would all have been preventable!)



    Yes, you will have to change some settings. It’s not difficult, however. See the instructions here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/ they include instructions for moving the domain.


    sorry for being so dense, but i am still confused. it says that it won’t transfer for 60 days, but that i can still point the nameservers to the new host.

    i just want to be able to run wordpress.org software on the domain name that i purchased today thru wordpress.com. i don’t really care where the name is hosted!

    if i switch it to dreamhost do i have to wait 60 days to do this? if not, why am i even switching it in the first place? (as it could be run while still on wp.com anyway?)



    I recently moved my blog from WP.com to my own host and it was pretty straight forward. Once you have your site up and running on your new WordPress.org host, come back to WP.com and change the nameservers to point to your new host. On your new host, initiate the domain transfer. (You will need to possibly unlock it on WP.com and obtain the authorization code, which gets emailed to you instantly.)

    I also had domain privacy, so I needed to take that off first.

    Your website will start to point to your new server once all of the settings are confirmed by the new host. However, keep in mind that for up to a couple of days, you may get traffic bouncing back and forth between both WP.com and your host due to how different service providers cache the DNS records. It took me about 2 whole days before ALL traffic was routed to my new host.

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