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    hi helpers! I’ve had my wordpress.com blog for 2 years now and am comteplating going to a service which allows for individual ads (i already do wordads) so i guess that means going to wordpress.org right?

    is anyone able to give me their first hand experience on this transition? would i have the same back end admin structure i have now, just on a new web host i pay for? i want to research what i need to know or do and if this is really something i want to try and all the info seems really general without specifics. i don’t read code so i don’t want to get in over my head. thanks in advance for any help, advice or direction to someplace online with more info!

    The blog I need help with is spotofteadesigns.com.



    that was exactly what i needed. THANKS!

    but wow now i’m even more intimidated! haha



    You’re welcome.

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