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  1. strosgirlsblogdesigns

    Hello all,

    I design blogs and I never had a question like this one before so I am a bit confused on how to do it. This is what the email said (I am going to remove the links).

    I already love our custom header and we have a button. I need the site switched to Plus, I love the plugins that you used for the SUC (this is a blogger blog so no plugins) blog you designed. The social media tags, along with custom signature, etc. I would also need a professional footer.

    They are co-bloggers so they want to know if they can have 2 signatures. Can I do that where I put in 2 different signatures for 2 different people?

    So I email her back with some questions and these are her answers: does not have plugins and does not allows us to use certain advertisers. I know WordPress is MUCH more complicated. I was able to design my own blogger and blogs, but .org is too complicated for me. I do not have outside storage. That us our custom header. We had it made for our site. Hope that answers all of your questions.

    So where would I host her images? In my storage?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    This is what I offer for a WordPress blog which I design:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like she needs to get her own hosting, and domain, where she (or you for her) can install

    We have hosting suggestions at:

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