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    Hello all,

    I design blogs and I never had a question like this one before so I am a bit confused on how to do it. This is what the email said (I am going to remove the links).

    I already love our custom header and we have a button. I need the wordpress.com site switched to wordpress.org. Plus, I love the plugins that you used for the SUC (this is a blogger blog so no plugins) blog you designed. The social media tags, along with custom signature, etc. I would also need a professional footer.

    They are co-bloggers so they want to know if they can have 2 signatures. Can I do that where I put in 2 different signatures for 2 different people?

    So I email her back with some questions and these are her answers:

    WordPress.com does not have plugins and does not allows us to use certain advertisers. I know WordPress is MUCH more complicated. I was able to design my own blogger and wordpress.com blogs, but .org is too complicated for me. I do not have outside storage. That us our custom header. We had it made for our site. Hope that answers all of your questions.

    So where would I host her images? In my storage?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    This is what I offer for a WordPress blog which I design: http://strosgirldesigns.com/blog-design/wordpress/


    The blog I need help with is strosgirlsblogdesigns.wordpress.com.



    It sounds like she needs to get her own hosting, and domain, where she (or you for her) can install WordPress.org.

    We have hosting suggestions at: http://get.wp.com/hosting/

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