For Bell Canada Customers too slow to respond?

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    Since yesterday I have been experiencing this has suddenly become too slow to respond.It takes me forever to post,edit posts etc etc.I have a high speed internet and have tried to use different browsers but still facing the same problem.Is anybody else experiencing the same problems.Other websites seems to be working normal.



    I just posted a complaint similar to yours. I’m having the same problem. Anyone else?


    This problem is still there.The admin panel is extremely slow.Now even my blog takes forever to open.Some of my friend’s blogs at WP doesn’t open at all!What’s happening?


    I have had this problem once myself. I got a sort of “white out”. The writing box did not show up after an edit.



    We’re not experiencing any obvious outages, server problems or other issues.

    avrobeson and bongocelebrity, you’re both at the same ISP. It’s likely the problems are local to you.


    Thanks for the reply tellyworth,
    What do we do now?Any details that we can contact our ISP with regarding this problem?Or the problem should automatically disappear after sometimes?Please advice.



    Thanks tellyworth. But I’m not having any other internet problems, only with wordpress.


    Contacted my ISP..they say they don’t have any problem either…



    I don’t know what the problem might be. But it only affects the two of you, and your IP addresses are almost identical.


    Painful and strange…worse enough is when the ISP says..they don’t have any problem with WP.I have cleared everything I could clear on my computer but still…lucky is not on my side.



    Sigh. Luck’s not on my side either, bongo. Hopefully this will clear itself up, eventually. It’s so frustrating!


    Its half an hour after midnight here,I have tried everything I could possibly try.Have contacted my ISP,my computer manufacturers and have also written to WP support(I am waiting to hear from them…at least say something).I have been frustrated with some WP issues before but this one seems to be getting in my nerves…real.Its more than frustrating!Please if you get a solution before I do..don’t just disappear,I will be crying to know.Otherwise,I will have no choice but to give blogging a huge break.Thanks



    bongo: it’s unlikely there’s anything we can do from here to work out what the problem is. Unidentified network issues are hard enough to diagnose at the best of times, and essentially impossible unless you’re sitting at a computer that has the problem.

    You could try connecting your computer to a different ISP on a different network. If the problem doesn’t occur it will confirm that the problem is at your ISP.

    Firebug’s network monitoring feature might shed some light, but it requires some technical knowledge to interpret.


    Thanks for the reply.I have already tried to use other networks,other ISP I mean.The problem is the same.I have changed computers,have used different manufacturers,different OS…the problem still remains at large.The problem comes when I am logged in my admin panel.In most of the times I can not even log out of my admin panel.


    I’m having the same slow response problem, yet other sites load very fast. I’ll have to watch and see if I can find something. I, too, thought it was the WordPress servers.



    computerfella: your IP address is almost identical to bongocelebrity and avrobeson.

    If I had to guess I’d say there’s a problem with a transparent proxy server. But other than your IP addresses we have basically nothing to go on.



    Would a tracert help?

    I’m just throwing out ideas. I’m not an expert or anything like that, just a geek wanna be :-)


    Thanks guys for your concerns.I appreciate the help each one of you is trying to offer.That means a lot to me as a member of blogging community.Lets wait and see!



    Just wanted to say that wordpress is really slow for me as well. And I’m not having this problem with other websites I visit.



    styleraven: your IP address is the same as the other three.

    If one of the four of you knows how to use traceroute and Firebug’s network monitoring feature, you could send the results to support. I can’t promise a fix but we’ll look at it.

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