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For Bell Canada Customers too slow to respond?

  1. bongocelebrity

    Thanks for information tellyworth.It means a lot when you at least know someone has read your support request. I am still struggling though.Does this ISP's proxy server thing fairly happens only to WP?I do not have any problem with any other websites whatsoever.Only WP!That kinda leaves me dazed.

  2. bongocelebrity: I can only guess. The point of failure and the source of the error message itself is most likely a proxy server operated by your ISP. The error message mentioned a DNS failure - perhaps there's a problem with their DNS servers which is causing issues only with certain web sites. I'd suggest sending a copy of that error message to their technical support staff.

  3. tellyworth:
    I submitted my traceroute as requested, although it looks messy in the message. Was it of any help in identifying why some of us are having a bad case of the slows. Thanks

  4. computerfella: the problem appears to be a proxy server at your ISP. A traceroute won't show that. I don't know what ISP it is, just that it's an IP address supplied by Bell Canada (probably to a smaller ISP).

  5. Hmm... must be a Bell Sympatico problem then... as over the past week my dashboard is slow to be almost unusable. I tried switching templates and disabling various features on the blog. I was about to switch to a plain text template to see if that would solve it, but I see I'm not alone in this. If we're all coming through Sympatico, it must be a Bell issue (ugh!). I noticed that it is not just on my own blog, but trying to hit any WordPress blog (whether hosted on WP servers or hosted elsewhere with WP software) I can literally go and pour a coffee and come back and it's still loading. Tonight when writing a post, and adding a comment, both times I timed out waiting for the save function to work and had to go back and do it again. I asked a friend on Rogers Internet to try my blog and he reported the same issues of slow loading - he's on Windows Vista and I'm on OS X 10.5.2. Perhaps a cross-border thing? It has only been happening since this past weekend... before that it was blazingly fast.

  6. Oh, and before I forget this, RSS feeds from WordPress blogs are creepingly slow to load too... on average it takes at least 2 minutes to load RSS feeds on Safari or Firefox. I disabled all the features on my own RSS feeds to see if they would speed up, but they are still slow to load.

  7. ajnewman, it looks like you're coming through the same proxy server as the others. Best suggestion I have is that you report the problem to your ISP. You can tell them we've had 6 or 8 confirmed reports of problems from the same two IP addresses, 67.69.x.243 and 67.69.x.244. (I censored one digit there but should fill it in for you)

  8. tellyworth, thank you!

    I tried that site you mentioned, and my IP is 70.54.X.X, which is pretty much a standard grouping of addresses in my area of the city. But, if we're all coming through Bell, it is likely a proxy server issue or something in the cross-border circuits. Time to do some more digging. Thanks for the help.

  9. it has been soooooooooooo sloooooooowa for weeks
    only when editing/creating a new post
    and when i click on code mode from image mode tab
    it takes for ever and reminds me of the old days when i was low in ram and working in my grafix program when one drops one head on the desk
    saying........ come oooooooooooooon ..... you're soooooo sloooowa
    and eventually a few four letter words pop out too - thats what i've been doing again
    i have been telling my self it's because america has woken up slowing the whole system down! as you bloggers get a bloggin
    what about india and china when they find wordpress! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    i'm in south africa

  10. ajnewman: that's interesting, your IP address shows up differently here. All the original posters on this thread are using those same two IP addresses.

    heleneodette: there is no slowdown on the servers. The problem is somewhere between your computer and here.

  11. Sorry I can't help with this at all, just posting this to add another datapoint:

    No problems on my end. I have not noticed anything particularly slow about WordPress in the past 48 hours. (I *did* post an entirely separate complaint that WordPress *STATS* seems to have a glitch this morning -- Sitemeter tells me I have had more than 20 visitors in the past 2 hours, some of whom looked at several pages, but WordPress has recorded none of them). But no slow down.

    I use a Mac; usually I use Safari for editing, though sometimes Firefox also. I use for email if that makes a difference.

    So this would seem to be consistent with the idea that the problem, whatever it is, lies somewhere along the path between the computers of the users experiencing this problem and WordPress.

  12. Oh, and by the way, I'm in the US and do most of my editing/posting between 7 and 10 pm or so EST (about midnight to 3 am in Greenwich/ UTC). I have made several posts this week and a good 2 or 3 dozen in the past month with no problems (at

  13. Tellyworth: I spoke with my ISP ( and they swear they have no filters or anything that would affect just your site and not others. Remember, all our other sites work fine and fast. Vianet used Netspectrum in Sudbury to link to our individual homes via wireless towers. I spoke with Netspectrum and they confirmed they were unaware of anything which would inhibit WordPress and not other sites. PS. Blogger works very fast. :-(

  14. Just a few stab-in-the-dark questions for the Canadians:

    What's the name of your ISP?

    What are the first 2 digits of your IP address according to ?

    Are the forums slow? blogs when logged out? Or just wp-admin when logged in?

    Anyone outside of Canada who is having issues, your problem is not the one being discussed here - please post a separate thread.

  15. Tellyworth:
    IP according to is:
    IP according to Vista Tool Bar Widget is the same.
    Access to the forums and any other part of WordPress is very slow still.

  16. Tellyworth:
    15 seconds to FULLY load although most of the stuff appeared after 4 seconds.

    15 seconds to FULLY load

    Hope we can resolve this. Thanks.

  17. Trying this link
    required 15 seconds to load.
    Trying to get to blog stats never finished and left an orange rectangle on the screen with this message displayed:
    strongLoading <../wp-includes/charts/stats-data.php?blog-2966926&page=stats&unit-1&width=670&height=256>time

  18. Trying this link
    required 15 seconds to load.
    Trying to get to blog stats never finished and left an orange rectangle on the screen with this message displayed:
    Loading <../wp-includes/charts/stats-data.php?blog-2966926&page=stats&unit-1&width=670&height=256>time

  19. Took a minute and a half to upload previous post. Arrgggh!

  20. computerfella: for reasons unknown to us your requests to are coming via a proxy server at (or .244 or .245). That proxy server is causing the slowdown. Same goes for all the Canadians posting here.

    We don't know who runs that proxy server or why only some of your web requests are intercepted by it, just that it's on an IP address owned by Bell Canada.

  21. I am on Bell Sympatico out of Ottawa and using that lookup gives IP Address
    Wordpress has been almost impossible to load for days. Every other site is fine, repeat, every other site is fine, it is only wordpress. I just read this thread but will phone them tomorrow, don't expect much joy. I don't really understand what to do about this problem.

  22. g: you're coming in via that proxy server also.

  23. Oh I wondered what was happening, it's Sympatico and Bell Canada. I have the same problem, and have had for days. It comes and goes on other sites too. I keep thinking it's my machine, but it's like being on dial-up some days. The past two weeks or so has been terribly slow.

    I know Sympatico had a problem this week with e-mail being down because of something on MSN--a global outage on Microsoft's platform there. Maybe it messed up something with Sympatico generally?

  24. Oh and I just checked my server, it's 65.93.___.__ so I'm not the same as others. Bell must be all over the place depending on location.

    Maybe it's a Government Conspiracy to keep Canadians from posting on WordPress? <g>

  25. jjbks: your IP address is showing up as, same as the others.

    What seems to be happening is that only some of your web requests are routed through that proxy (, the other sites you've noticed being slow). Requests for other sites including are not routed through the proxy.

  26. tellyworth, just as an update, I have heard back from Bell Sympatico. They claim that there is no issue with their proxy servers at any of the IP addresses that were indicated in this topic. They are pointing the finger back to WordPress. I swear it must be in their script over there (insert name after "there is no problem on our side, the issue must be with...").

    I'm open to suggestions... pretty obvious I'll get nowhere with Bell until I can call an inside contact next week to stir the pot enough to make a few people jump.

  27. bongocelebrity

    I now want to agree with WP support guys that there is something happening somewhere with Bell sympatico.I am using a friend's connection today.He uses Rogers as her ISP..guess what?WP works very fine from this connection.I sent the traceroute results to bell canada..I hope to hear from them today.Something weird if not fishy must be going on somewhere.

  28. bongocelebrity: I don't think the traceroute results will help because they don't include the proxy server. Traceroute doesn't necessarily follow the same path as web traffic. The traceroute posted earlier here looks perfectly normal and shows no evidence of a problem.

    The common point of failure appears to be a proxy server at,, That IP range is owned by Bell Canada. It's quite unusual for an upstream ISP to proxy their client ISP's web traffic so I don't know why it would affect several retail ISPs.

    I can see that your last forum post came from a Rogers IP address. In all other posts on this thread your IP address has appeared to be one of the 67.69 addresses listed above. Same for the other Canadians here.

  29. bongocelebrity

    Thanks for the tech-tips.I will try to update them with the IP information you have given me.Thanks

  30. Tellyworth: Where is WordPress located geographically? I wonder if Bell uses different servers for different locations, ie., Europe vs North America.

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