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For Bell Canada Customers too slow to respond?

  1. computerfella: runs on hundreds of servers in several redundant data centers across the USA.

  2. I wonder if Bell is having a dns server problem with it not finding on its primary server and forcing it to go elsewhere to figure out the address? Do you have the ip number for us to use instead of the

  3. has hundreds of IP addresses. There is no primary server - requests for wpcom blogs are randomly distributed across hundreds of servers. Using an IP address won't work because the servers won't know which blog you're trying to view.

    I think it probably is related to DNS, but the failure seems to happen at the proxy server. Changing something at your end (or our end) won't fix the broken proxy.

  4. I just went to the following "layered tech' servers which I presume are your servers. and last one took me to the

    The first number took me to which is a word press page called All things digital.

    The is close. I sure hope there is a way to us a direct ip address to get around this problem.

    Fun eh?

  5. There's no way to use an IP address to access a blog because the server won't know which one of our 2.5 million blogs you're trying to reach.

    Layered Tech is one of several data centers we use.

  6. bongocelebrity

    Just like computerfella,I have been working tirelessly with my ISP people.Surprisingly,they also seems to be left with no ideas about this problem.They say,after doing tests and tests,they can't see or figure out any problems at their end!

    Now since this is affecting lots of wp users from Canada(using bell canada) and since some of us do not have a wide expertise on how these stuffs works,can you(and your team) try to work with Bell Canada to resolve the issue at hand?Is that possible?It has been a week already and we don't seem to be going nowhere with this.I can't even call this frustration anymore.I gotta look for another word in my dictionary to explain how this whole thing feel.

  7. The 1st step is that they confirm that can reproduce the problem. If you can get them to do that, try and get them to get an engineer in contact with us, and we can take it from there.

  8. bongocelebrity

    That is a hell of a challenge.On which number can they contact you?

  9. Well, I don't see other options. We may be one of the most popular destination on the net, but it is still only their customers that have any chance of influencing them. Any one have a friend of a friend that works in a related area?

    They are welcome to phone me at 250-885-1744, but email to [email redacted] for such a technically complex issue is preferred.

  10. bongocelebrity

    Yesterday I had a long conversation with my ISP guys.They say they have done all types of tests and can not see any problem on their side.I know this now sounds like a repetition but they have asked me a question that I couldn't answer.They say why would they have a problem with just one website?(its true that only WP does not work properly).Every other websites works just fine..very fast actually.

    Moreover,opening front page is as fast as usual.The problem starts when I have logged in and trying to work on the admin panel.Does that tell us something else?Could it be a problem with your IP arrangements or?Please help and if possible assign someone to have a look at this issue again.

  11. Others have reported that it isn't just, and the traceroute data that was posted looks fine. The reports have been specific to their network.

    Can they share what "all types of test" they run are and the results?

  12. bongocelebrity

    To me it looks like its only be I have not tried to access the "other" websites that others are having similar difficulties to access.I am now pushing them to release to me the report which indicates the kind of tests they have run.But would you be able to share the kind of tests you guys have done as well?Only if these two parts could talk!

  13. Did your ISP guys know anything about the proxy servers at We have no way of knowing who owns them (other than that they're somewhere on the network) or why they are broken.

    One thing you can try: instead of, visit You'll get a certificate expiry message (our cert authority still has not delivered the new certificate unfortunately), but you should be able to click to ignore it. Is it still slow when you're visiting https urls?

    "only" means "only" several hundred servers in some of the biggest data centers in the US.

  14. Are you using RSS feed type like Torrent protocol, this could have impact as Bell is filtering Torrent like protocol and may by mistake filtering the RSS feed since RSS as I said is similar to Torrent protocol because of it's header in each packet sent. Also there is some blog, gateway, e-mail server you name it that are blocking Sympatico's IPs because of spam abuse from few of Sympatico members etc.. and your server may be filtering some Sympatico IPs range to some degree but not all the way.

  15. bongocelebrity

    I have noticed a very slight increase,I mean very slight,in the loading speed when I tried to log in using https url for my blog admin panel.Does that mean anything new?

    I am not using any of the RSS feed you mentioned.

  16. bongocelebrity

    I have noticed a very slight increase,I mean very slight,in the loading speed when I tried to log in using https url for my blog admin panel.Does that mean anything new?

    I am not using any of the RSS feed you mentioned.

  17. My blog is now having this problem.

  18. I've had the same exact problem myself - I've been fighting with my podcast upload for over two hours and after eleven attempts I finally managed to upload my .mp3 file and checked to make sure I didn't destroy my RSS feed. I don't know if we could blame this on blackouts at remote locations due to the weather (a violent storm swept across the U. S. this week) so whether this is a valid guess or not may be the reason. The fact that it my access speeds are now normal after hours of slowness is strange.

    It's now almost 12:30 am EST and service has been normal for over twenty-five minutes.

  19. Wish I could help better. Have you called their department of complain, I know that sometime thing are borderline and they can't do anything but if you call their department of complain they can do some investigation or again you can go at they have their own section, here is the link

  20. I give up. I've moved over to blogger. The last time I tried to get to my blog on WordPress I kept getting the following error:

    504 Gateway Timeout
    The following error occurred: [code=GATEWAY_TIMEOUT] A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.
    Could not open error file

    I think it is ridiculous for WordPress tech staff to ask the Canadian customers to solve the problem. WordPress should get off its backside and contact Bell and resolve the issue. If it was folks in the U.S. they would move fast. But they are saying the Canadians are a minority and to H**l with them. Goodbye.

  21. computerfella, you do realize that I'm Canadian and in Canada?

    Encouraging you to pursue the issue wasn't saying that we weren't pursuing it, but the reality is, as I suggested before, they are even less likely to listen to us.

    I try to remember not to vent my frustration in the people that will listen and join me in a conversation.

    The issue came to a head last night when we finally identified a routing issue between Bell Canada and one of the IP blocks assigned to us in one of our datacenters in Texas. We have currently routed traffic around the problem area and are working with our provider and Bell Canada to resolve the routing issue.

  22. Ah, thanks for changing the title. Now the complaints I've been getting from readers make sense. Any ETA on the solution?

  23. Foolswisdom, I did not realize you are Canadian, nor did I realize staff was working directly on the problem. I appologize for the frustated rant. I prefer wordpress to blogger and hope you are able to get the problem resolved. I've been able to get in to this forum using a proxy which for reasons I am not familiar with, has allowed fast access. Of course I can't ask readers to use a proxy but will wait and see how you make out. Good luck.

  24. I wonder if Blogger wouldn't have the same issue? Do we know that they don't? They might as well have exactly identical problems...

  25. Based on the traceroutes we have received from various users and the information we have received from our upstream provider, Bell Cananda is routing traffic destined to one of our IP blocks in a loop. The traffic is not being correctly routed out of the Bell network. This is likely a simple configuration error on their end and may or may not affect their routing of traffic to other IP blocks/websites. Our upstream provider has contacted their Network Operations Center and informed them of the problem, but as Bell Canada customers, it would also probably be helpful if you contact them as well. Unfortunately, since the configuration error is not within our network, there is nothing we can do to fix the problem. As a temporary workaround, I have routed the majority of blog traffic around the problem area for the time being.

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