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  1. Is it possible to redirect a blog to a self hosted website / blog?

    Explanation: suppose I registered - i would like that when people type in they should be redirected automatically to my self-hosted / owned website / blog. My first assumtion is that it's probably not allowed otherwise many people would buy free names that are descriptive to their business and redirect them to their domains.

    However, what happens to your source blog if you transfer your blog to your self-hosted blog? Both are blogs now, but if the cannot be redirected to the self-hosted one, what's the use of having it...? (not sure I'm asking the right question or at the write place, anyway...)

    And finally, suppose i map another domain to my blog, I know it will still be hosted at wordpress (so no change is possible to be made to the template, only the CSS) and whichever you choose as primary will be displayed in the address bar and the secondary domain(s) will be redirected, right?

  2. Well, thank you for taking the time but unfortunately that article doesn't answer any of my questions. Also, I have already read the domain mapping document it's referring to and all it says is the "how to" but again, doesn't seem to answer the specific questions above or maybe I just couldn't make the connection...

  3. When you cannot locate answers to your specific question in support documentation and here on the forums from volunteers then it's time to contact Staff

  4. thank you for your help anyway, i'll post the answer here for the case others would have similar questions

  5. That would be great. :) I'm interested to hear the answers and I'm sure others will be too.

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