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  1. Is there a site anyone knows of that gives tips, tricks and tutorials for users? I am at a stand still with my blog because I don't really know what all of my options are. I'd like some information that is relevant to because when I look for info on google I come up with a lot of info that's only relevant to self-hosted blog sites......... For an example, I want to create a template for my blog posts. Most sites suggests creating one in Microsoft office but since a lot of things that get edited in Office end up getting chopped and distorted on my blog, it's useless.

    I am also experiencing a problem with Live Writer downloading my wordpress theme so that's of little use. Just wondering if there was some sort of resource site that gives different possibilities to make the most out of my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you went through all of this:

    Also note the difference between .ORG and .COM (here) - pasting from MS word sucks - you can't get to the underlying php code here for template design.

    Some of the Themes have a lot of flexibility in them for changing the look, different Themes have different templates for their pages and posts.

  3. Yeah I have seen that before and it's not really what I am going for. There are so many blog resources out there but nothing specific to When I try to google it (you figure is pretty popular) all I come up with is stuff. For instance, I was trying to find something along the lines of "best blogs" or you get the idea, so that I could look at some really cool looking blogs and get ideas. I know we are limited in what we can do but then again I am sure there are lots of ways to still make your blog look nice and clean and at least somewhat how you want it to look.

    Anyways for right now I am having a problem figuring out what my theme's settings are. Like what is the width of the posts, width of the sidebars, default font and color, things like that so when I go to edit my things in an offline editor I can streamline it so it doesn't look obviously different. Any ideas?

  4. I found the "WordPress for Dummies" book helpful (covers both versions)

    timethief - is one of the contributors here and the first site is hers very helpful - I am not sure where I got the 2nd one from but they also contribute a lot here also

  5. My $0.02:

    If you want a step-by-step guide to what you can do with, you want a course like the ones I teach /selfpromotion OR the book WordPress for Dummies. Blogs, even the very best (which auxclass just gave you) tend to address blogging one concept or challenge at a time, not necessarily from scratch and proceed in an orderly fashion.

    We can help you make your blog look like you want only if you tell us specifically what changes you want to make. Otherwise, how do we know what you want? There are lots of CSS tutorials out there, as well.

  6. Well for one I am not sure about the widgets. A lot of the ones available aren't really of use to me and a lot of them seem pretty redundant. There's like 5 different ones that basically do the same thing- link to your posts. The text widget seems like something I could use but I am not sure what all you could put in it. You can see that I obviously used it for my live traffic feed. I know I could use it to post pictures and text, etc but I guess I don't know the full potential? The only way I found the traffic feed was through blog-surfing. That's why I was wondering if there is a site that basically says- "Look what we found, here's what you can do with it". My sidebars look lonely but I don't want to fill them with useless stuff....

    I guess I am just not really feeling the overall look of my page? Thought maybe there are some resources or tips out there that can show me different ideas on what I could do with it. I will check out those two sites though, thanks to both of you for responding;-p

  7. I am checking out right now- thanks so much for posting this, it's really helpful;-p

  8. You should definitely check out the new one we just launched called Learn:

    It's meant to be read from top to bottom and be very quick and accessible. Let me know what you think of it.

  9. Damn, Matt, there goes my business!

  10. @matt : it IS quick and accessible. Big piece of work .

    @raincoaster : be sure that you'll still be requested ! may be by "less silly" questions !

    Thank to both of you (and a special award for raincoaster as a volunteer, as well as panos, timethief, thesacredpath, tess and others)

  11. Thanks!

  12. Yeah Matt I checked it out and though it isn't something I was looking for right now it would have DEFINITELY been useful when I first signed up with wordpress. If any of my friends decide they want to give blogging a try I will definitely recommend your site, it's really easy to navigate, looks clean and easy to read and has basic instructions that were really hard for me to find when I was starting out. Tight work!

  13. @matt - about time! :)

  14. Raincoaster said,

    Damn, Matt, there goes my business!

    A live dynamic class is always better. It is hard to get a computer monitor to answer a question when you ask it.

  15. @thesacredpath - Absolutely agree, wouldn't ever change a live class learning experience for an e-learning site ever. That's why I'm going to WordCamp Jerusalem in September. :)

    But having said that, hopefully having the Support material presented in this way will make it *much* more accessible, being in a linear fashion. Having a look now.

  16. Most definitely having that site is a great reference for beginners here.

  17. I wonder what the chance of having a WordCamp Kona, HI is?

  18. For god's sake, would you hold off on that till I have my passport? I'd SWIM to be a part of that!

  19. I have an extra bedroom, and you are welcome to it.

    Seems silly though that you would need a passport since Canukistan is the 51st US state - or so it seems most of the time.

    I suspect I'll need a passport soon if I want to get back to the mainland. You would not believe what you have to go through here already just to get back to the mainland. The USDA has to crawl up your... and then TSA crawls up it, then you have to go through the same stuff all over again when you go through the cattle shoot they call security.

  20. I think they just hire foot fetishists, and that's why they make you take off your shoes.

  21. Beautifully done! The "Learn" tutorial is easy to follow and takes you step by step in the technical and thought process of setting up a blog. It saves time clicking through support info for the basics. Thanks Matt!

  22. agree w/@previous: nice work, live class still has huge pluses, etc.
    I note that there is also a
    , although it's currently a single post.

  23. Thanks.

    Ha! I noticed my search widget on had vanished, so I put it back and now every time you search my site it also brings up three separate pages of my workshop schedule! I'm not complaining; thanks, Matt!

  24. @Matt
    Is a very good new the launch of the tutorial.
    I'm administrator of a multi author blog, and my fellows are hardy to learn.
    I get tired of sending them to the support pages and/or of teach them in breaks.
    With this tutorial they have no excuse already for doing the things by themselves. I'll give them a link immediately.
    It will be very useful for all beginners, I'm sure.

    (I hope my colleagues never read this post)

    Thanks also to Andrew for note the beginning of a .org tutorial page.

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