WordPress.com – Upload New Media – Select Files – does not see pictures on linux

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    I’m running Ubuntu linux and accessing my WordPress.com blog. When making a new post and uploading media (Add New) via the flash loader – Select Files, I drive to my pictures folder and no pictures are listed, the window is blank. “All files” is selected in the drop down, in fact, there is no other choice. I can drive to other directories and see .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, and other graphic files no problem. I just can’t see pictures (all .jpg) for some weird reason. So, I can’t upload them if I can’t see them and select them.

    I try the browser loader and I can then see the picture files on my computer. But, I can only upload one at a time.

    I looked at the properties of my picture files vs. the properties of other .jpg files on my PC and didn’t notice anything really different. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on? I’d really like to be able to use the flash loader so I can upload several pictures at once.

    Thanks for your help.


    Oh, and it works on Windows, just not on linux. And I’m using Firefox browser

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