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  1. Dear WordPress. Could I ask you to take a look at some of the processes you have to help improve user experience? Here's just one example:

    1. My sister posts, I get the email, click to see 'more'. I want to leave a comment
    2. I enter a comment but it then takes me to a page and says 'your email is associated with an account, you need to log on first to place the comment'. No link or form to log on.
    3. I click 'back', still no place to log on.
    4. I click on 'home'. That takes me to my sister's blog home. Still no place to log on.
    5. Finally, in order to log on, I have to enter the URL manually to leave her blog site and go back to the main page.

    can log on
    6. Hmm, now where has my sister's post gone?

    Come on please. Are you serious? Here's a suggestion: How about asking the people who design these processes to ACTUALLY TRY them before putting us customers through the grind. Grrr

  2. One should always do their own logins at their own place. That's just the secure way to do things. It should be your practice.

    Similarly, if you get email saying your bank account has pending transaction that would cause an overdraft, and please login to allow it or rejected ... and provides a login link ... would you use that link?

    You could bookmark your login place. Or like me, keep a private page of favorite links. I also have a panel menu with all my favorite places, including all my blogs.

  3. Requiring people to bookmark every blog they might want to comment upon is not a workable solution. This workflow discourages casual commenters who may never have been to the blog before (which might be's intention, I don't know).

  4. @gldixon - excellent description!

  5. wank: ... once logged in, then you can do this through all blogs posted at Outside blogs their own issue.

    I can understand the frustration of having to login to use your email address in a comment post. But can you understand the frustration I would have of someone using MY email address (or yours) in a comment post and being allowed to do so without proving who they are?

    If you want to include an email address, is that so your gravatar image appears on the comment?

  6. But can you understand the frustration I would have of someone using MY email address (or yours) in a comment post and being allowed to do so without proving who they are?

    I do understand that.

  7. But can you understand the frustration I would have of someone using MY email address (or yours) in a comment post and being allowed to do so without proving who they are?

    @motre, I think the choice should be for bloggers to decide, and there was already few choices. First option is for you to require your commenter to login before commenting. The other option is to require an email/name combination and the third option was to not require anything at all.

    What WP has recently introduced, is a fourth option, and there is apparently no choice for bloggers to decide how they want to adjust with it. This fourth option is what is being discussed above and it has nothing to do with people commenting at your blog without verified identities (like using someone else' email address).

    In general, I'd rather people register and login with the platform they're interacting with, especially if they are regular readers. But there is a great majority of blog readers who are not regulars and they may or may not have registered themselves with WP in the past, and they may or may not have remembered how, when and where they registered. Burdening independent bloggers here with such concerns without providing any choice, is I think unfair.

  8. Ok this is a tad poorly implemented. I don't have a wordpress blog hosted here, I host my own, on my own blog I can comment without being logged in and use my gravatar.

    On a wordpress hosted blog, I can't use my gravatar without being logged in, but as the OP explains, the login process is not intuitive, When I click the wordpress icon on the blog I want to comment on, I get presented with a login for their blog, but that's not what I want to login to.

    In the end I just used an email address that wasn't registered to gravatar, no big deal in the end but the design process behind this change could surely have been handled better.

  9. It was all simply before. The owner of a WP blog was able to censor who could post a comment- happens all other blog types
    I comment regularly on one particular blog with my traditional email and name.
    Since the the changes I am blocked from commenting with these details
    -Tried to get a new name that corresponded with my original name but it was taken
    - Registered a new name that will completely confuse other commenter s.
    - Tried posting a comment with new name, old email and was blocked and sent an email from Gravatar sister company demanding that I register a Gravatar
    - Registered Gravatar told to wait 5-10 minutes
    - 4 hours later can still not post comments on WP blogs.
    What a shambles - run by techies I suspect
    Could get a new email, but how do I retain my original name?
    I am not inexperienced - I had someone set up a site in 2004 based on the WP template- thankfully it was in his name or otherwise WP and Gravatar would have captured it
    WP admit your mistake Go back to allowing WP sites to monitor their comments. Stop Gravatar forcing their widget on people
    There is nothing to be gained from what both are doing

  10. I see that my comment -above -has come through along with a Gravatar- a view from up the hill above my home in New Zealand- Karitane is the name of my village and the choice, "Karitane1", is the name forced on me by the changes at WP and Gravitar- my choice of name of course.
    But not the one I am known on WP blogs.
    There must be some logic behind the changes.
    One I can see is the capture of emails - you can never de-register or un-subscribe from WP -anyone know that when they registered? -probably in the small print. So are we going to be subject to barrage of emails from the WP email list?

    Update: Still cannot post in WP comments

  11. @karitane1
    Hello there,
    As this is an Ideas Forum thread, just in case you missed it I want to be sure you did get the link to the sticky post Staff placed at the head of the forum. Recent Update to Commenting

  12. Hi timethief
    Yes got the link a few days ago and it has nothing to help me or others. Four posts on the link then topic closed; no help what-so-ever.
    If this is the ideas section - perhaps WP might Like to cancel changes and go back to where WP were
    Your link is simply illustrative of how WP does not care about it's client blogs and those commenting
    Have no idea what is going on?- can you let me know
    Trying to be constructive
    BesT Wishes

  13. Hello again,
    gldixon posted this thread into the Ideas Forum. Perhaps it would have been better placed with all the other threads on this subject in the Support Forum.

    I'm a Volunteer ie. your fellow blogger and this is a peer support forum. As I said above I provided the link to the sticky post as a courtesy to you. I'm sorry but I don't have any additional infomation on this issue. If I did I certainly would share it.
    Good night

  14. I appreciate you are a Volunteer and it is clear to me you are doing your very best. It's such a pity the Executive have not responded.
    Good night from here in NZ

  15. I'm off to bed too so best wishes for sweet dreams from me on a tiny island off the far west coast of Canada.

  16. timethief, appreciate your help- I hope the executive are listening to you and others. The sad post was the teacher who relies on WP but pupils cannot reply or comment. The trouble with corporations like the balance sheet becomes more important than the customers and arrogance prevails---

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