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  1. If I register my blog with a hosting company, can I accept advertising on it or do I need to register at instead? (I own the domain name through bluehost that I would like to attach to my blog.)

    Also, if I need to re-register with, can I keep the same name that I have at


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you wan't ads you will need

    Also please read

  3. Thanks so much! One follow up question: can I use the same blog name in that I have registered with -(It matches the domain name I bought that I plan to give my blog.)

  4. pornstarbabylon

    Are you tech savy to self-host and do you have the money to pay all the fees and possibly pay someone to be the tech guru? Because if you didn't have the hits on your .com blog yet to justify having ads placed on your blog, then you should probably stay here on .com and work on building your fanbase before self-hosting.

  5. It depends on the blog name, obviously. This question is most easily answered if you give us specifics, eg my blog is and I want to use on my new site OR i want to still use on my new site. (hint: the latter is not possible)

  6. Also, wordpress.ORG is not a hosting service, they are just the main site for the wordpress software. You will have to host the blog at somewhere like godaddy, bluehost, etc.

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