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  1. Hi all,

    I am giving a talk next week about using for blogging.

    While preparing my talk, a friend asked me why wordpress and not blogger. I thought the reason was simple, but after checking I found it is not any more. Reading online, I could find some strong features that offers that doesn't (like *FREE* adding of javascript, editing of themes, and mapping domains into the blog).
    A long list of comparison was found here (updated to 2010):
    A discussion is running here:
    And also a few people commented on the subject here:

    So far, I am not sure I have a strong enough reason the defend WordPress over blogger. If anyone here would be willing to give me strong reasons (either new features that will get unveiled in the near future, or why some points are more important then others) - it would be a huge help.


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  3. Thanks slikbonez for the move.

    Is there someone who can give me a good response?

  4. Have you tried a forum search? There are several threads of at least 20 responses apiece on this topic.

  5. raincoaster

    When running this search:
    I couldn't find any such result.

    What did you search for?

  6. The search here is borked. Use Google, and search:


    That's going to get results. I'd help more specifically but I'm really busy right now

  7. WordPress gives better Stats. Good Admin end to post maintain your
    blog. You have a support team here just in case if you run into

    Above all, ppl like raincoaster and timethief are using wordpress and
    not blogger. Had blogger been better then you would not find these
    ppl here ;)

  8. I chose wordpress over blogger because for newbs like me who don't know anything, wordpress was easy to understand and even easier to start.

    WordPress encourages blogging in many facets. For newbs like me I was excited to make the push.

    You don't get that on blogger.

  9. Because Matt rocks...end of discussion!

  10. I used to be on Blogger but I didn't like it - the way they do their themes is either devoid of good options or too complicated for someone who is unfamiliar with coding (like me) and they have no real solutions for stats. Also, I think unless you have a community that you're already in on Blogger, it's hard to get readers at first; WordPress does a better job of encouraging people to read new blogs.

    I like Blogger's bio/about pages better though.

  11. Blogger now has stats and it has newer and better themes. There are now less compelling reason to not use Blogger. But do not expect to find better support and community over there. As with anything Google, when things work, they work. But when they don't, you can only kick and punch your keyboard :)

  12. Blogger is difficult to comment from mobile and impossible to read from mobile.

    WordPress is better in term of compability for mobile phone.

    I have blog in blogger, it is just to make me comment easier... I call the blog as my unused blog

  13. shopfrontsigns

    I use both. You can make some pocket money from blogger through google adsense.

    I use blogger for very specific topic blogs and it works well with artists blogs.

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