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  1. I have this blog account on and it's the one where I didn't need to download any WordPress software on my computer to set up a blog. I just created my blog on site directly. Now, I discovered this software called WordPress 3.0.4 available for download on, with many extra features, options and plugins. My question is : Can I upgrade my current blog to this WordPress 3.0.4 version ? And if yes, will that affect my blog entries ? Lets say I download that software and click install. What will happen ? Will it upgrade my current blog page or not ? So what I'm actually asking is if I install that software, next time I go to my Dashboard will it be that of WordPress 3.0.4 with all the new features ?
    I found an article on Google saying that a blog back-up is recommended first, before any upgrade but the instructions on how to do it, said something about the Plugin menu in Dashboard. Well, here is the problem...I don't have a Plugin menu in my Dashboard.
    If anybody could illuminate me on this issue I would be very grateful. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You misunderstand the situation. and WordPress.ORG are completely separate. The version of wordpress running here is the most current version. Please read this very carefully >

  3. Thanks a lot. That did clear it up for me. :)

  4. I'm glad it did. :) Here are some useful links for getting started:

    Also, the main support page has categorized listings of the most often asked about items here.

    Best wishes with your blogging.

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