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  1. I want to start a new blog but am confused with vs I want my blog to have it's own domain name, so, is it better to create a free blog and then upgrade to register a domain and host with them? Or create a domain at Godaddy and apply the stuff to it? I created a sample blog just to play around with themes and I am having a lot of trouble with the limited options. I want to be able to have control of text colour, font, background colors, menus, etc. If I upgrade to hosting with, don't I have to keep buying options like font and full css control? What is your opinion? Thanks for any help.

  2. You can have all these on too. Read here: vs WordPress.Org

  3. Yes, but changing fonts and managing the CSS is what I'm looking for. Those features are $30/yr, plus the domain which is $17/yr. Is it worth paying for those to keep my hosting on, or is it better to host elsewhere where I'll have full control of my blog?

  4. If you're an expert in 'Codes' then you may hire a webhost with .org software. But if you want tension free blogging with 24/7 support, try You can anytime move to from and vice versa.

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