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  1. I was thinking that it would be cool if we could have the option of paying a yearly amount to be able to have your own url point to the blog. (i.e. instead of you could have

  2. Well the FAQ stated a while back that it would be a nominal fee. Matt, any insight onto when this will come and what the fee will be exactly?

  3. Here's the FAQ:

    It'll be one of the first paid features we add.

  4. victoriacarolina

    Um. Why can't you simply set "your URL" to redirect to your blog?

    Well, I guess if you don't have 50 domain names sitting around maybe you couldn't....

  5. on the contrary: If one day I would want to install and host WP on my own side, may I retain my domain and point it to my new location?

  6. you can just post a link....ahaha..

  7. Definitely would be the feature we're looking forward to. Hopefully the fee wouldn't be much different than a yearly domain fee (what are they now? $12/year?)

  8. $2.99 at Yahoo.

  9. Forget to add, that's for new domain. Renew should be in the region of $7-8, less if you search hard and bother to switch.

  10. We'll likely be in the $12-20/yr range. Yahoo sells millions of domains, which is why they can lose money on new ones like that.

  11. I think that a price between $12-20/yr would be totally fair, considering the fact that WordPress would offer free webspace along with it. I anxiously wait for this feature :)

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