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  1. Yesterday my blog ( started not loading on my work computer. I can see it and work with it at home, but every time I try with my laptop, I get a message that the page can't be loaded.

    I can occasionally see, but when I try to go to any blog (not just my own), the message comes up. I've tried running the browser troubleshooter, and it indicates the problem is with WordPress...

    There hadn't been any problem until yesterday, and nothing's changed on my computer.

    I've tried it with IE and with Firefox and still have the same problem. Suggestions? ideas?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. When this happens at work, it is usually because the firewall is blocking the site.

    At work, try accessing these three files. What you should see is a bunch of text (CSS actually).

  3. Saw the CSS text in good shape.

    As far as I know, nothing's changed at work re: the firewall.

  4. Contact your IT department anyway. It sounds like a classic case of firewall.

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