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  1. hello all blog's master,
    need an answer of something.....
    as far as i know,(coorect me if i'm wrong), is a free blog engine with a free hosting while wordpress(.org) is a free blog engine with paid hosting... what i want to ask is, if in the future i want to apply to all their features and plugins) could i just transfer all the content of my blog? so i won't have to write my posts/pages all over again? coz i plan to do that,in the mean time i'm in the middle of my php and SQL education first...

    that's all for now, i'm looking forward to hear from all of you...


  2. I have both blogs and a install. and - the differences

    You can easily export the contents of your blog into a new blog.

  3. [Smile - I give up TT, you win]

  4. lol ... I'm out of here. See you tomorrow. :)

  5. Have a good evening.

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