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  1. What are the pros and cons of each? I'm thinkin about making my own blog. But I don't really understand the difference between either.

  2. My advice would be to use (free), and after you've been using it for a while then consider self-hosting solutions.

    The gist is that you have access to theme customization and plugins with .org.

  3. But for 15 bucks on the free WP, I'd be aloud to use a custom designed theme correct?

  4. You can add CSS to an existing theme for $15, yes, but you can't upload your own theme.

  5. @billsblog
    There's a pink sticky at the head of the forum dealing with this so please read this thread carefully as it will answer your questions

    There's also a brief summary of the differences here in the versus

    In addition there are two threads explaining the css customization option available if you choose to stay at

    The reason you can't upload your own theme from the theme viewer is because we are on a wordpress multiuser platform here at that runs on a different code.

  6. I found a cute site called

    It creates a based site for you but I am yet to discover a lot of things in it. It is supercool and free.

    [Link fixed - drmike]

  7. If you think that a blog installed nearly a year ago and abandoned before a single entry was made is 'supercool', I wonder how you will cope with the excitement when you discover blogs with actual content ;)

  8. @wank
    ROFLMBO I'm truly rolling on the floor and laughing my butt off girl. Your reply are just what I needed this morning. I'm going to celebrate with a coffee because tea just doesn't suit this event at all, at all. If I weren't going into the big city to spend money on body decoration [shopping for clothes] I might even be spurred on to create some blog content perhaps even comedic content. She who says sarcasm is soo very hard to write bows to your superior skills. :D

    Please don't in anyway construe my twisted sense of humour as being directed at yourself.

  9. "<meta name="generator" content="WordPressMU, WP 1.5.1-alpha"><!-- leave this for stats --> "

    Yup. Gotta love old software.

  10. Link fixed since the 'www' site is an actual blog created within the WPMU install.

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