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  1. Maybe this has been answered elsewhere, but I could not find any similar thread.

    I have been using for several months and jumped on purchasing a domain in October from WordPress. (ie. to

    I am familiar with exporting my blog, but I am not too sure about domains. I would like to transfer my blog to, but I am unsure about how that would work with my domain. Once I purchase a hosting service, would it be possible to transfer my domain to this new service?

  2. I hope these contain the answer and apologize in advance if they don't

  3. Simple. Change the nameserver records (ie ns1 and currently) of your domain to use the nameservers of your new host.

    Your new host or your domain registar will be able to assist you with that.

  4. awesome. thanks drmike.

  5. Not a problem.

  6. Isn't that what this awesome thread said?

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