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Wordpress.Org asks for WXR file, WordPress.Com exports XML file..

  1. I'm trying to move my WordPress.Com blog over to a self-hosted blog, but I'm having some problems.

    WordPress.Com (and, for that matter) export into a XML file format. However, when I attempt to import on either again, it asks for a WXR file format. How can I get around this incompatability? Is there any kind of conversion method for XML to WXR?

  2. no conversion needed, just submit an exported file.

    no idea what does WXR stand for (WordPress eXport Rulez foreva?), but it's already a some sort of XML.

  3. Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.. it wasn't the WXR format that wasn't making it work, the PHP I am using on my website won't let me upload files :P

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