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  1. I have two blogs (neither of which are still in use) that used I currently have a blog, but the two non-existant domains using are still showing up in my dashboard. Is there a way to remove them? Thanks!

  2. Did you actually delete those blogs or you only stopped using them?

  3. And then again, are you sure those were blogs? The two accounts cannot be the same and it's not possible that your blogs are being listed in your account.

  4. If you were using them for the "stats" plugin, I was told in a thread that they cannot be deleted off your profile at this time. I don't know if this is something that will be fixed in the future, but it would be something to comment on at the Stats plugin page so that Andy knows more people would like this feature!


  5. Ishmeet: I deleted the blogs (and yes, I was using WP on my self-hosted site). I was using the stats plugin on them. That's how they were linked.

    Trent: Thanks for letting me know! I'll mark this as resolved.

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