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  1. The stats are probably the most used part of my dashboard... but they don't tell me a heck of a lot.

    Here's a stats package (that we can't use with that shows what is possible.

    Check out the additional features:
    - browser / operating system breakdown
    - countries
    - the hits table that shows you per hit live stats and you can filter on them

    One thing that FireStats is missing that I would love to see is a detailed list of "internal referrers" -- the pages where people come to my blog and click on more than one page.

    i think it would be enlightening

  2. Yeah, this is great. Current stats tell you about visits, but nothing about visitors, which is arguably much more informative. I've added in StatCounter to get a better idea of these sorts of stats, but it would be awesome to have something more extensive right on the dashboard.

  3. Wow yeah certainly a good idea. What is this StatCounter you speak of? The no javascript thing has halted all my stat counter attempts so far.

  4. Try or Do not use the javascript versions, just use the HTML versions.

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