Need help? Check out our Support site, then Export is not Working!!!!

  1. I just got hosted, and I want to transfer my site, to a domain. I have WordPress on my newer site, but every time I try to upload the XML file on my WordPress, it says that the file is either empty, or doesn't work. Could some one please help me?!

  2. Also, it says "File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini."

  3. I'm afraid we can't help with problems on another hosting service. As the error message says, file uploads might be disabled on that server.

    Your best bet is to seek help at

  4. my xml export from wordpress seem to be limited to 55700 lines which is crap since our blog would required much more line, so i cannot export neither

  5. travelingapostrophe, there is no particular size limit when exporting from a blog. If you're having problems, please post more specific information, including the address of the blog.

  6. Hi,
    I have a blog on :

    I exported the XML file which is 670 kb and actually contains all the posts & comments on my blog.

    I encounter some problems when importing to WordPress 2.3.3 :

    I upload the XML file, then I'm asked if I want to create a new user as the usernames are differents.

    After that, I get an error ("Error 500 - Internal server error" with my host provider or "Connection was Reset" with my local installation on easyphp)

    Refreshing the page takes me back to the wordpress import tool where I'm asked if I'm sure to import.

    I click "Yes", same error as before. Refreshing does nothing.

    And when I go back to my home page, only my 3 first posts were imported.

    As I said before, I tried to import on local and online installs (

    I always get errors at the same moments on both installs, so I guess there something wrong with the XML file from

  7. Errors in importing in a self-hosted wordpress blog usually are due to wrong settings in the php.ini
    Please see:

  8. thanks, I'm going to check the link

    I'll keep you informed

  9. I solved my problem, I used "wordpress-to-wordpress" plugin wich can be found here :

  10. my blog is on (sorry it look like im hijacking the post) and when i use the manage/export it give me radom size xml from 35MB to 67MB all being not a complete database (i can see that by opening the xml in dreamweaver) so im stuck there.

  11. Did you delete spam comments before exporting? They make a lot of volume. If you did, I suppose there's some problem we can't solve by discussing and I would suggest you to contact support on monday ( ) so that somebody from staff can have a look.

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