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  1. My blog is now on and self-hosted on blue host. the URL is
    The problem is when I'm on the site at I can be editting it and it will all of a sudden drag me back into
    The domain name is still associated with a blog on and I cant seem to remove it.

  2. Can you please try clearing out your browser cache?

  3. I've tried this a couple of times with no success

  4. I took a look and everything is working properly.

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Firefox or Google Chrome?

  5. yeah I just downloaded chrome and tried it on this and it still happened. I think the problem is because is still linked to the account and it wont let me remove it

  6. It seems the name server records are not fully propagated yet. Normally this could take up to 72 hours. It's already working on my end, please give it a little while and it will work on your end too.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you!

  7. Thanks!
    When you say its all working on your end, when you type in does it take you to a page with a green background or a black background?

  8. It goes to your blog that's hosted at Bluehost. It has a beach photo as header. As far as I can see the name server records should now be propagated at your geographical location. Otherwise please try clearing out your browser cache again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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