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    Hi everybody!

    I am a WordPress user, I have my account and everything, but I’ve never created a blog. I had one on Windows Live Spaces, and now that I can migrate it to WordPress I really want to do it! So, during the migration procedure, I login with my WordPress account, then with my Windows Live Spaces account and try to create the blog. Sometimes it says me that the url for the blog is reserved(I entered <my_username>.wordpress.com, that’s me!), sometimes instead it asks me to create another WordPress account (and I don’t want to do it, since I have already it).

    Now I ruined everything, since I created the blog <my_username>.wordpress.com and tried to migrate my WLS into it, but since it didn’t work I deleted it, and now if I try to migrate again, it says that the blog url already exists xD

    But it doesn’t matter, is there any way to import a Windows Live Spaces blog into WordPress if you are already a WordPress user? If yes well, it didn’t worked to me…

    Thank you!



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    I had almost the same thing here and then I turned to support. They replied that they have “restarted your import here and it is currently queued to process again”. So far nothing happened yet and my original WL Space site is shut down… still waiting to get all my posts back. I wish there is some tool I can use to import from the WL Space backup file.



    @melachel – you should contact support: http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and explain to them exactly what happened (reference this Post also)

    Normally when a blog name is deleted it is gone forever, but since your deletion was part of an import problem they might undo your deletion.

    The Staff here are great, but I think with all the M/S folks migrating today they are probably a bit over worked so a bit of patience is good.

    Good luck – this is a great platform, several of my friends use WordPress and really like it.


    @deedeezxc, all of your stuff is safe. According to staff here in another thread, MS is hanging onto all of it. It isn’t being deleted, and staff has access to it and can reimport it for you. With so many importing from spaces, the import queue it looks like is running at about 24 hours. I’m sure staff is looking into ways to cut that time down and also looking at any bugs or issues that crop up and fixing those on the fly.



    By the way, this is WordPress.COM, not WordPress.ORG. That may not seem like a big difference but it is an important distinction.


    Since MS is not providing a migration path to .ORG blogs as far as I know (nothing in anything I’ve read) you would first have to import the blog here and then export it from here and import it into the self-hosted blog.



    A bit more on the difference: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/



    Thanks guys, problem solved,
    I just tried again and this time it worked (I love WordPress =)

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