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WordPress's New Search Feature: Buggy!

  1. Well, WP finally did it! We can now search through all WP public blogs.

    Good luck!

    It's buggy.

    Here's proof of the bug:

    12 results, 10 shown. But wait! I can count: only SIX are shown! And page 2 has NO RESULTS!


  2. It's new. I would be surprised if there were not bugs to be worked out. If you find bugs, report them to staff via the support tab.

  3. It's v-e-r-y buggy.

    Page 2 duplicates some results of Page 1!

    I don't think Support wants to hear from me again for a while after the email I sent this morning about the ongoing Categories bug ...

  4. So is Vista.

  5. As tsp has said, it's new. We are working on this - which we knew about - and other minor features.
    Having used the search feature a huge amount today I can say that it does work, you will find things.

  6. WordPress Search: FAIL!

    Trust me on this one. The frikkin Category bug is more important than Search.

    Shift resources.

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