WordPress/SiteMeter stats not updating after domain change?

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    I decided to buy a domain for my website, and I like to check out my wordpres stats and my sitemeter.com stats. I bought the domainfrom godaddy, bought the $0 domainfeature from wordpress, and did the steps about the NS1.WORDPRESS.COM NS2.WORD….Etc in godaddy, In wordpress I then did the thing where you have my wordpress blog redirect to my domain. I read it can take up to 72 hours before this can work, so upon going to platformerupdate.com it would redirect me to a godaddy page telling methe site was parked, same thing for my wordpress page because it redirected there, so to avoid losing reader I made it so there was no redirection and to stay on my wordpress site. But it seems like ever since I did all of this my stats at sitemeter.com have not been updating (0 views/visits in last hour or today seems too weird) and my wordpress stats also seem to have come to a halt.

    Inthe mean time I stillhave it so there is no redirect to avoid losing visitors,however has anyone ever heard of this happening before? maybe by a stroke of luck I really am NOT getting visitors right now?seems weird though because I just went from 85 viewers to 0 and it has not been increasing. Also what will I haveto do with all of the blog directories and topsite lists I am in, should I change the urlto platformerupdate.com when it works and will I lose anything from them by doing this? (stat wise) any help is appreciated!



    Didn’t it tick over to the new day only a little while ago? Stats always drop to zero for all blogs at one point in the day (used to be called GMT and now it’s called something else because techies like as many three letter acronyms as possible in their vocabulary).

    And yes, you should change the URL to the new URL in all the directories etc in which you are listed.

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