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    Money? They must be coining it in. :)



    they are running ads on the dupe blogs, so they will get come money don’t know it could be enough to paid their server….



    CanĀ“t we do something through Google AdSense? As much as they would like to think they’re not stealing content, well , yes they are. And not only that, they’re making a profit out of it (a profit we’re not allowed to make in our ORIGINAL sites).

    At least Google should do something about it. That’s just wrong.



    Of course, WordPress.com is running Adsense on our blogs as well, so I find it hard to get all up in arms about this. It’s just another iteration of the same thing…but this one gets around the Great Firewall of Turkey (and, presumably, China).



    Google really sucks, they never will move their **** ass. You can send thousands of clicks and send mails and still you will see the ads, thats what i’ve done with other scrappers and nothing happens.

    The best you can do is send a note, asking the close of your dupe blog.. that what I did, and now my blog is done:


    Easy. At least wordprexy does what wordpress.com should do…..


    My blog’s been stolen as well. I found Google to be really good at getting a Chinese blogger to remove the Adsense ads. I can’t get them to remove the material though. What do you do – fly to China and ask them nicely?
    Thanks for the tip about these wordprexy slimeballs.


    jaroche. Thanks for your information, what amout of time you have to wait for the wordprexy.com to remove your site ?


    But aren’t they doing this to help the Turkish people who can’t log in and/or view WordPress.com blogs? I don’t think they’re stealing but more so duplicating to help the people there. And if they do run ads, it’s more likely to pay for the bandwidth.



    I wouldn’t go as far as calling wordprexy “slimeballs”. Working to make information freely available on the internet is not a bad thing, in my opinion. And they clearly state that they’re doing it as a workaround of the turkish blockade. And as long as they’re not directly hosting our copyrighted material or claiming it to be in their ownership, there is no direct infringement that way (I think ?).

    However! They’re making money off of copyrighted material, and that IS illegal, and highly deplorable. They state that it is merely a way to finance the project, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re making money from what you and I have created.

    This is a clear case of copyright infringement and a violation of intellectual rights. If all (or many) wordpress bloggers joined forces, there might be a case that could be taken to court.

    Let’s keep this discussion alive, and see if a common opinion on the matter will emerge.

    – Biyang Hansen



    I have kind of mixed feelings about wordprexy. I understand they wanted to get around the Turkish ban of wp.com, just have to wonder if it was done in the best way possible. I know, kind of vague, but then so are my feelings.


    I’m feeling the same way as justjennifer. I’m not worked up about this. And although a common opinion may emerge (all due respect to niyse) the bottom line doesn’t change. The only recourse is to swamp their webhost with emails / DMCA’s and that means that individual action must be taken.



    Has any one successfully emailed wordprexy and had their blog un-mirrored?
    I’m just curious.



    Yes, jaroche has.


    It’s a Spanish thread, you might want to use a translator. : )



    Yes, I have. Took about half a day til it was removed. :)




    membracid, me has:


    Now, they show the email I sent them. Just took 2 hours or less to be un-mirrored.



    Well I gotta say I am impressed by the un mirroring. Generally we are anti the ban. These guys are getting round it. And earning a few bucks with ads. Do we care? I don’t. Good luck to Turkish bloggers. I say.



    I think it’s kind of snarky that they put your email up, with no prior warning that it will be publicly published. Thank goodness I didn’t give them any personal information!!!!

    Sorry, I’m not impressed with them.


    If I were wordprexy, I would have done the same thing, or at least put up a note to let those using wordprexy to view wordpress.com blogs in Turkey and wherever else, know that the reason your site is no longer available to them is that you requested it be taken down. I would of course have removed any personal information from the post.



    Um, why would you give personal information to these people if you don’t even trust them to mirror your publically available content? Publishing the emails seems as good a way as any of explaining to Turkish readers why your blog is no longer viewable to them. I mean, they’re doing this to circumvent censorship, so naturally they’re going to want to be as upfront with their users as possible.


    It’s also apparent they are upfront because of how quickly they act on requests to remove content.

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