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  1. thistimethisspace

    I'm feeling the same way as justjennifer. I'm not worked up about this. And although a common opinion may emerge (all due respect to niyse) the bottom line doesn't change. The only recourse is to swamp their webhost with emails / DMCA's and that means that individual action must be taken.

  2. Has any one successfully emailed wordprexy and had their blog un-mirrored?
    I'm just curious.

  3. Yes, jaroche has.

    It's a Spanish thread, you might want to use a translator. : )

  4. Yes, I have. Took about half a day til it was removed. :)

  5. membracid, me has:

    Now, they show the email I sent them. Just took 2 hours or less to be un-mirrored.

  6. Well I gotta say I am impressed by the un mirroring. Generally we are anti the ban. These guys are getting round it. And earning a few bucks with ads. Do we care? I don't. Good luck to Turkish bloggers. I say.

  7. I think it's kind of snarky that they put your email up, with no prior warning that it will be publicly published. Thank goodness I didn't give them any personal information!!!!

    Sorry, I'm not impressed with them.

  8. If I were wordprexy, I would have done the same thing, or at least put up a note to let those using wordprexy to view blogs in Turkey and wherever else, know that the reason your site is no longer available to them is that you requested it be taken down. I would of course have removed any personal information from the post.

  9. Um, why would you give personal information to these people if you don't even trust them to mirror your publically available content? Publishing the emails seems as good a way as any of explaining to Turkish readers why your blog is no longer viewable to them. I mean, they're doing this to circumvent censorship, so naturally they're going to want to be as upfront with their users as possible.

  10. It's also apparent they are upfront because of how quickly they act on requests to remove content.

  11. How do I know if my blog has been mirrored on wprexy?

    Today I purchased a domain name and have put on blog on it.

    Is my blog safe from wprexy cloning?

  12. My wordpress blog is there also. Maybe they are duplicating all of

  13. figured couple of things now:

    a) one of my less content blogs is on wordprexy. and vivekat.wordprexycom

    The prexy version has ads from google (%$#*^)

    b) The other blog - is not entirely present on prexy because of the domain name transfer. Somehow i could not find ads too, although the footer belongs to prexy folks.

    i have sent a request to remove both the blogs though!

  14. The prexy version has ads from google (%$#*^)

    You are aware that also puts google ads on our blogs, right? If you disagree with them mirroring wordpress content because you support the ban imposed by the Turkish authorities that's fair enough, but if your issue is with the ads that's a little inconsistent with blogging here.

  15. Yeah, shows ads it's in the features pages (if you haven't read it), but those ads aren't showed to all people, just a few percentage have seen them. May be you haven't noticed them in your ;) put ads to all their pages, no matter if you have a cookie or not. Only those blogs who have paid for custom css doesn't has ads, ie:

    I don't know why.

  16. (1) No one can prevent the display of their blog contents. You can protest individual directly and flood them with DMCA's if you so choose. Obviously it will be effective.

    (2) The fact that wordprexy has Google adsense ads is irrelevant as also runs Google adsense ads on our blogs here, unless we have VIP accounts.

    Moreover, an adsense widget and the option to "opt - out" are impending in the near future.

    To support the service we may occasionally show Adsense ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own Adsense ads and make money from your blog.

    (3) By setting your rss feeds to "summary" or by using the <!--more--> tag in your posts you can limit how much of your content is displayed.

  17. @ wank - frankly , I was not aware that WP puts ads our blogs. I am sure it is reflecting only on blogs which generate a fair amount of traffic and not all blogs. Thank you for pointing this out to me. However, one of the primary reasons I chose WP over blogger was that the content could be free from ad-clutter.

    @jaroche - You are spot on. prexy puts ads on all pages and messes up with the formating too. One thing I cannot realize is why prexy puts ads on my "1 post" blog, but chose to ignore the one which is having "a post a day". I am sure it has something to do with domain name redirection.

    @time thief - the "<!--more-->" tag was learning of the day for me. thank you.

  18. @viveksivaram
    You're welcome. :)

  19. Thank you for pointing this out to me. However, one of the primary reasons I chose WP over blogger was that the content could be free from ad-clutter.

    As you are now aware that is not necessarily the case.


    The majority of users are unaware that this goes on because wordpress are smart enough not to show you ads when you're logged in. However, if low-traffic blogs were immune from ads, I'm pretty sure we'd have been told about it :)

    I don't believe Blogger shows its own ads on people's blogs anymore, but it does let them display their own and many people do. There are many reasons for choosing wordpress over blogger (blogger's image handling is horrific, for one), but freedom from ads ain't one of them. If your decision was made on this basis, I'm afraid you were misled.

  21. @ wank

    that was not the only reason for me to choose wp over blogger. to be frank, i dont want to fuel to g00gle's domination by using blogger, feedburner, gmail and more....

    I am happy with WP on the whole and am going to try logging off and viewing the site for a change. ;)

  22. In case anyone is interested, wordprexy has removed the adsense ads and included a robots.txt to block search engines from crawling the site. You can read about it here.

    If anyone wants it, I've posted a button on my blog "why are you seeing my content on wordprexy?" and linked it to the Guardian article by Ali Eteraz

    Feel free to download the button and use it on your own blog if you like.

  23. In terms of personal information--the form wordprexy asks you to use to have your blog removed asks for your name, phone, and address.

    I told them I was Bug Girl. :)

    My beef was that the custom CSS wasn't on the wordprexy site, so not only are they "diluting the brand", but it looked crappy to boot! (ok, sure, not much of a brand, but if you are trying to build readership of an esoteric niche blog.....)

    It's really not that hard to circumvent an IP block, as I'm sure many workplace surfers can attest to. I'd have preferred an "opt in" rather than a "vacuum in."
    I'm much happier with the no-robot option--wish they had done that sooner.

  24. Custom CSS shows through the wordprexy site though. For instance, my blog shows up correctly.


  25. It wasn't on mine--although that could just mean that my CSS is flawed, and only works here at :)

  26. Some people here have stated that since shows ads on our blogs it is okay for wordprexy to do so too.
    Sorry to put it this directly, but you couldn't be more wrong. All wordpress bloggers and blog owners have agreed to the Terms Of Service (ToS) of WordPress, that clearly states that ads may be shown temporarily on your blog.
    In other words, we have given wordpress *permission* to put ads on our blogs. It is a very different situation with wordprexy, since none of us have been asked to agree to any ToS they may have, and that they make a profit from copyrighted material. They claim that they're only doing it to finance the project, but that is besides the point, really.
    Any way you choose to look at it, it's illegal. And as long as they have not obtained explicit permission from every single copyright holder here on wordpress, it will stay illegal.

    This is not a discussion of whether you support censorship or not (I assume that most of us don't). It is a discussion of whether you want your material (=your blog) to appear elsewhere on the internet without your consent, and beyond your control.

    - Biyang Hansen

  27. Update: As justjennifer pointed out above, and as I have just seen on the wordprexy site, they have removed the ads from the blogs.

    Not that it changes much, just a note to put my previous post in perspective :-)

    - Biyang Hansen

  28. whether you want your material (=your blog) to appear elsewhere on the internet without your consent, and beyond your control.

    If you're that worried about republication of your content you should make your blog private. And I don't mean the option that hides it from Google, I mean the option that hides it from everyone except selected users. It's easy for third-party sites to grab your RSS feed, and provides no way of switching that off. (The other option would be to publish partial-text feeds and fill your first few paragraphs with gibberish. That might be disconcerting for actual readers, though.)

  29. @wank
    I'm glad you agree with what I suggested above.

    By setting your rss feeds to "summary" or by using the <!--more--> tag in your posts you can limit how much of your content is displayed.

    -> Options -> Reading
    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: ___posts
    For each article, show:
    Full text
    Note: If you use the <!--more--> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.

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