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Words breaking into letters at each line break in comments

  1. Wonderful, thanks!

    You're both running Firefox 17, right? I'm unable to reproduce it under Firefox 17 myself, but maybe there's differences in the OS too.

    Which version of Windows are you running?

  2. Windows XP Professional

  3. Almost looks like a Justification thing. Are you doing anything with zoom/magnification or font faces or sizes?

  4. Hm, I unfortunately don't have access to Windows XP to check from.

    maddiecochere, are you also running Windows XP?

    I think notawoodpecker is on to something here. Do you see any improvement if you zoom in or out of the page, or switch to 100% (aka Actual Size) if you aren't already?

    Also, do you have ClearType fonts enabled?

  5. NAWP: No, I have not changed anything with the fonts in the last few days. Indeed, to get the words large enough to show up in my screen capture, I had to magnify them a number of steps, and the problem was visible at all levels of magnification I went through. And in case I'm forgetting something I did, the chance that maddiecochere, lim13 and I all did the same thing at the same time is pretty low.

  6. I enabled ClearType using the instructions at that link, and the problem remains.

  7. Alright, thanks for confirming.

    Please hang in there while we see if maddiecochere is running Windows XP too.

    On Monday, I'll be able to see if any of my colleagues have Windows XP available to confirm too.

    For now, it's at the very least not too wide-spread, since I can't see the problem in Firefox 17 under Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.8.2.

  8. I may have missed it if posted, do you have a link to an actual post with a comment where you see this? Not the screenshots.

  9. OK, I see it. But it's different in different browsers. Screen zoom does not matter. I tried 100 to 150%

    This is with SeaMonkey -- v 2.13.2

    This is with IE9 -- v 9.0.10

    It's OK with Opera v 10.10, no words broken.

    OS is Win7 64Bit

  10. This getting weird. In IE9 and Opera10, I see no hyphenated or broken words on this page like I do in SeaMonkey:

    All words are properly justified/wordwrapped in both, although slightly differently in each.

  11. Hi guys, I'm running Windows XP. Comments were fine for most of the day Wednesday, and then just like that, it changed - with nothing having changed on my end.

    Sheila Hurst and grossoutwine changed their themes to make the problem go away. Both were using Twenty Eleven. I think the problems started happening for them at the same time, too.

  12. OK, so my next question would be, has anyone seen it on any site using a different theme?

  13. I haven't. As I've gone through my follow list the past couple of days, I only see it on Twenty Eleven.

  14. I do not see it in Opera, but I do see it in SeaMonkey and IE, although different words are affected in each.

  15. Thanks for all the screenshots and details!

    I still can't reproduce the issue myself, but I think we have enough specifics to start at least forming a hypothesis.

  16. devorahsperber

    I'm having the same issue as described by many people.

  17. sleepingdogsteve

    I'm having the same problem in Firefox with twenty eleven (words breaking at the end of lines in the comments sections only.)

    The problem doesn't appear in Google Chrome, Version 21.0.1180.89

    I'm running the following:
    Mac OSX 10.7.5
    Firefox 16.0.2

    I've switched themes (while in Firefox) and don't see a problem, so the line break issue appears to be isolated to the twenty eleven theme, with Firefox (not Chrome), with the operating systems listed in previous posts, and at least some versions of Mac OSX.

    Also, I've tried turning off extensions, plugins, empty cache, and delete cookies, but those didn't help. Haven't been able to update Firefox or my Mac OSX system as my "high speed" ain't so speedy. :(

  18. devorahsperber, which browser (and version) are you running?

    sleepingdogsteve, thanks, we're still looking into this.

  19. sleepingdogsteve

    And one more piece of information, if it is useful.

    I see the strange breaks on the replies to comments only, not on the original comments.

  20. @macmanx
    I am using Firefox 17 and I see the same issue in maidiebike's blog here >

  21. Thanks for confirming!

  22. I continue to have and see the problem only in the theme of Twenty Eleven - every Twenty Eleven I come across.

    It appears to be a justification problem in the comments section - and only in *replies to comments.* It doesn't happen in the first comment a person makes, but in every reply thereafter - for every person who comments/replies.

    It would seem to be a problem in the code for the theme.

  23. Yes, we're still looking into it. We'll let you know when it's resolved.

  24. Thanks. I'm not complaining. Hope it didn't come across that way. Meant to put a question mark at the end of my last sentence rather than a period.

  25. You're welcome!

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